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We believe we're in a crucial hour in which we need to equip children like never before in the things of God.

Marking the Next Generation with a Desire for God

5/12/16 Training and Events

Childhood is often marked by the word no, especially when it comes to the ability to engage in different activities. There are some things children can’t do until they get older, but thankfully having a relationship with the Creator of the universe is not one of them.

Every year we offer our Signs & Wonders Camps at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City (IHOPKC), in order to help children grow in their faith.

“I’m burdened for the families and the children,” said Lenny La Guardia, executive director of the Children’s Equipping Center. “My heart for our children in the hour that we’re in is that they would go forward with a thirst and hunger like never before.”

At IHOPKC, our vision is to see one million children radically committed to Jesus, experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit, and moving in signs and wonders.

“I believe that our assignment here in Kansas City is to partner with the Church, partner with parents so we would see a generation grow thirsty and hungry for God,” Lenny said, “and not just grow thirsty and hungry for God, but to keep their eyes on Jesus for the rest of their lives.”

At our camps, we achieve this by building on what parents have taught their children, helping teach them to know and love God and know they are loved by Him as they grow in love for the Word and their understanding of His death, burial, and resurrection. We also lead them in experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit as the Lord uses them to heal the sick, reach the lost, prophesy, and pray for other children. Love, respect, obedience, and honor for parents is also taught as a main principal at our camps. Children learn to live by the Word of God and encounter Him in worship and prayer.

All of our camps include an overnight option for children who are 8 to 12 and a day camp option for ages 6 to 12.

During our June camp, we will offer a special worship track for children ages 10 to 12. This track includes biblical teaching, musical instruction, and times of corporate worship and teaching. To attend this track, children must either have been playing their instrument for a minimum of six months or be at an intermediate skill level. We desire to set young worshipers on a path to know Jesus and choose a lifestyle of humility and service.

This year, during our June and August camps, we will also offer a Little Edition track for children ages 3 to 5, which will meet from 9am to 3pm.

Our camps will run from June 12 to August 5 and are great ways to help ground children in the truth of the Word and cultivate a passion for Jesus during their formative years. For families who can not make it to Kansas City, there are regional camps throughout the United States.

For those traveling to Kansas City, Lenny sees the trip as potentially offering something to the entire family, including times of refreshing through our 24/7 prayer room to parents and pastors who are accompanying children. At the same time, children will get to experience times of corporate encounter with God as they learn, pray, worship, and play with their peers.

“We believe we’re in a crucial hour in which we need to equip children like never before in the things of God,” Lenny said. “I believe the Lord wants to bring a partnership between the families and the children through our Signs & Wonders camps that would create a thirst and hunger for God like never before.”

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