The NightWatch: A Response to God’s Greatness

12/6/17 Training and Events

24/7 worship and prayer, specifically praying through the night, makes sense when we have touched a little of who God is, when we see how worthy He is of unceasing adoration.

Fostering a Culture of Hope

by Richy Bickle

Hope City is strategically located in the inner city of Kansas City, bring hope and healing to many as a ministry that intentionally combines prayer and missions to reach the lost.

Refresh, Reset, and Receive from the Lord

by Fia Curley

When we intentionally seek the Lord we are better positioned to learn from Him, become like Him, and do the works He did and even greater.

The Secret to Overcoming the Holiday Blues: Gratitude

by Nayomi Thomas

This holiday season, learn secrets to experiencing God's presence, above the busyness, stress, and blues. Let Nayomi Thomas' personal journey and vulnerability enlighten you.

God over Confusion

by Fia Curley

Life is full of confusing moments that tempt us to doubt the Lord, but God is faithful and able to keep us as He exerts His power over our lives.

Telling a Different Story: Jon Thurlow Discusses a New Album and Perseverance in Crisis

by Adam Wittenberg

Jon Thurlow's latest album, Different Story, took longer than expected, but the result is a refined work that is filled with hopeful anthems and musical excellence.

Reading the Bible for All Its Worth

by Charles A. Metteer, PhD

We all want to receive things from reading the Bible: insight, revelation, wisdom, and guidance. Could it be that a humble heart is the way to read the Bible for all it's worth?

God’s Work in the Next Generation

by Luis Cataldo

The world may look dark, but God is doing a great work among a remnant of young people across the globe who will stand firm in the midst of the pressure. And your prayers help impact them!

Wilderness of the Soul

Wilderness of the Soul

by Mike and Anne Rizzo

God doesn't leave us in the wilderness. He uses it as a season to strengthen our faith and conform us to His image. If you find yourself in a wilderness, you're not without hope!

The Secret to Prayer

The Secret to Prayer

by Samuel Whitefield

Like the disciples, many of us want to learn how to pray, but Jesus' first lesson about prayer was revolutionary.

Sola Scriptura: How engagement with God's Word has transformed the church and the world in the last 500 years

Sola Scriptura: How engagement with God’s Word has transformed the church and the world in the last 500 years

by Daniel Lim

Scripture is living and active and its distribution throughout the last 500 years has led to dramatic shifts in the world as we know it. There is still more to come as the Lord emphasizes and distributes His Word in different ways and believers receive.

"Seek and Ye Shall Find": Discerning God's Presence in Everyday Life

“Seek and Ye Shall Find”: Discerning God’s Presence in Everyday Life

by Charles A. Metteer, PhD

Finding God in ordinary tasks such as our schoolwork or job may not sound easy, but it can shift your perspective and grow your walk with God. Whether you're a busy mom or working 60-hour weeks in business, you'll want to read this latest blog from Dr. Charles A. Metteer.

Drawing Closer to God

by Fia Curley

Regardless of how much we desire times of intimacy with Jesus, He desires this intimate and ongoing fellowship even more than we do.

Encountering Our Bridegroom, King, and Judge

Encountering Our Bridegroom, King, and Judge

by Adam Wittenberg

The Holy Spirit is giving revelation of Jesus as the joyful Bridegroom, sovereign King, and righteous Judge to prepare the Church for the end times.

Growing in Love for Jesus

Growing in Love for Jesus: The First Commandment

by Fia Curley

Our first and greatest commandment is to love God; this is our calling, which is shown through our actions, not just in our emotions.

Worship in Spirit and in Truth

by Chris Tofilon

Worship is about the heart more than the setting, songs, or people around us. Find the freedom to worship wherever and whenever through this truth.

Encountering God: Cultivating Your Relationship with the Lord in Worship

by Sada Rogers

Worship is one of the many ways we grow in intimacy with the Lord, as we draw near to Him and learn of Him and His character. This is strengthened as we use His word as a conduit to worship.

Clinging to Truth During Life’s Trials

by Fia Curley

In this life, trials are commonplace, but God uses them to grow us as He moves us toward His best.

Should My Sons Go to the Coldplay Concert?

by Allen Hood

Christians, and especially parents, face the challenge of living in the world but not being of it. Allen Hood shares four principles for how he navigates this dynamic with his sons, ages 17–22.

Plunging into Intimacy with God

by Fia Curley

We were made for intimacy, but holding onto accusations about the past is a barrier to what the Lord has for His followers.

Fake News, the Bible, and the Beauty of God

Fake News, the Bible, and the Beauty of God

by Jono Hall

There's a battle raging around news, truth, and the person of Jesus. What is God doing to address the challenge?

The Greatest Preparation for Ministry: Understanding God's Word

The Greatest Preparation for Ministry: Understanding God’s Word

by Amanda Beattie

Want to make a difference in the world? It starts with a foundation in the Word of God, the only hope and power to effect change.

How Does God Prepare Messengers?

How Does God Prepare Messengers?

by Aaron Phillips

God likes to form His messengers through a patient process, requiring much listening before speaking. In our fast-paced culture today, this still applies—perhaps more than ever. Find keys to greatness and biblical leadership in our latest blog.

Why Educate Yourself as a Christian

Why Educate Yourself as a Christian?

by Charles A. Metteer, PhD

Hunger points us to learning, something that, done in the right context, can yield a lifetime of fruit. Read a stirring perspective on education as a Christian in this blog.