• Four Keys to Consistent Prayer
    A consistent prayer life is something we all want, but the world is so distracting and the flesh is weak. Yet our God gives wisdom and strength to everyone who wants to get closer to Him. Read more in our latest blog.
  • A Thirst That Fulfills
    While most of us desire God, we forget that He also desires us. When Jesus’ desire for us meets our desire for Him, the covenant established between Him and His Bride is manifest—His thirst and ours, together satisfied.
  • The Challenge of Answered Prayer
    Do you wonder how and when God will answer your prayers? Gain surprising insight from Habakkuk in this blog.
  • 100 Million Strong: A New Prophetic Song of Intercession for Israel by Chris Tofilon
    Chris Tofilon talks about his new song, “100 Million Strong,” and how it can teach and inspire people to carry God’s heart for Israel, including through day and night intercession.
  • Equipping the Smaller Saints
    Rather than overlooking children, we can adopt the ministry model of Jesus which welcomed children and trained them up to do His works.