I think that 24/7 prayer and worship is teaching a generation to tarry, to wait—to be still in a world where most things come quite easily if you really want them.

Reflecting on Worship with Steffany Gretzinger

by Adam Wittenberg
12/14/15 Training and Events

Even with a dynamic voice, chart-topping singles, and a critically-acclaimed debut CD on her résumé, Bethel Music’s Stefffany Gretzinger remains a humble-hearted worshiper who thoroughly enjoys the Lord’s presence. Known for her emotive lyrics, heartfelt sound, and abandoned worship style, Steffany has led congregations around the globe with spontaneous choruses that highlight the nature of God.

In light of her upcoming appearance at this year’s Onething conference, the worship leader took time from her schedule to sit down and answer a few questions about her experience as a worship leader and a songwriter who leads others to express the individual worship that only they can bring to the Father.

Q: What are you seeing the Lord do as you go around the nation(s)?

A: There are so many things to talk about, so I’ll pick one of my favorites. I’ve loved watching God give people permission to be themselves, to fully be who He made them to be. God is the perfect Father who is in love with every one of His children! He loves what each of His children offers Him in worship! He’s not looking for one to look like the other. I love seeing God release every person in the room to offer their own colorful expression—[especially] in different cultures and nations. Their sense of “normal” is so different in each place. If we were offering what someone else offered—the way they offered it—it wouldn’t be worship, would it? He’s giving people permission [to be themselves], and it’s beautiful.

Q: What excites you about ministering to young adults?

A: Young adults are usually in the stage of life where they start deciding that they’re going to “be about something” for the rest of their lives. They begin to grow life messages and get a more refined and defined vision for their lives. I’m excited to worship with them at that stage, to be a part of their journey in the “I’m-a-bit-undecided-but-almost-certain” season of life. It’s a crucial phase. I want to help lead them into an encounter with God that will mark the rest of their lives. Something that they can be so certain of—forever.

Q: What impact has 24/7 prayer had on your life and ministry at Bethel?

A: I think that 24/7 prayer and worship is teaching a generation to tarry, to wait—to be still in a world where most things come quite easily if you really want them. I don’t think we’ll know its full impact until we’re on the other side, when we can actually see everything that was happening on earth that we couldn’t see while we were praying!

Q: What advice would you give to young singers, songwriters, and musicians?

A: Sing what moves you. Write what moves you. Play what moves you. If it doesn’t have an impact on you first, it won’t likely change anyone else. If, at the center of everything we do and all the music we make, there is a heart to love Him and to always lead people back to who He really is, then it’s all worship, isn’t it? Write songs for God, from God, for the Church to sing, for the world to sing. Who cares what shape they take, but let them be true and honest. Remember that music is the language the whole world speaks. Always use its influence with the Spirit of God as your compass, and the right people as your encouragement and accountability.

Q: Any closing thoughts for people who are thinking about coming to Onething?

A: I’ve been rocked year after year by Onething. I can’t believe that, this year, we actually get to be a part of it, too. If you’re thinking of coming, but you’ve been on the fence, you won’t be sorry. There couldn’t be a better way to start 2016. Join us!

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