Summer Fun and Fuel for the Family
The summer is a good time for the entire family to visit IHOPKC to participate in our programs designed to help strengthen your relationship with God

Summer Fun and Fuel for the Family

by Fia Curley
5/5/16 Training and Events

Nowadays the carefree days of summer often seem to be packed with more than vacation. The lazy days of summer now take the backseat to the desire to invest in children throughout the summer months and set them up for future success.

At the International House of Prayer of Kansas City (IHOPKC) we also use the summer months as times of making investments for future success. We desire to see every child of God raised up to walk in his or her calling, knowing their Lord and Savior.

Throughout the year, we offer programs for those of varying age groups and stages of life. However, the summer is a good time for the entire family to visit IHOPKC to participate in our programs designed to help strengthen your relationship with God. With something for the entire family, there’s an opportunity for the youngest member of the family to the oldest member of the family to grow closer to God as you study the Word in an environment of night-and-day prayer, have fun, and provide the space to fuel your family’s love and devotion to Jesus.


Immerse is an eight-day program at IHOPKC that offers a different topic of focus each month, such as Jesus our Bridegroom King, building the house of prayer, or Spirit-led worship, to name a few. Come experience eight days of immersion into life at IHOPKC and see why people of all ages have come from around the world to participate in 24/7 prayer with worship. This program is open to singles, couples, and families with children. Immerse is designed for all who desire to encounter God, be refreshed and strengthened in their spiritual lives, and be equipped to impact this generation.

Luke18 Project

Luke18 Summer Leadership Program is a three-week training program for college students and campus ministry leaders who want to see revival on their college campus. The program runs from June 18 to July 8 for anyone 18 to 30 years old who wants to be better equipped to pioneer and sustain a culture of prayer, and contend for revival and a lifestyle of mission on your campus. The days will be filled with opportunities to lead worship and prayer meetings, preach the gospel, pray for healing, minister to the lost, and grow as a leader. Training from leaders like Lou EngleMike BickleDutch SheetsBob SorgeCorey RussellRick Pino,  Dr. Terri Terry, David Sliker, and Thai Lam, along with many others will be provided in an environment of 24/7 prayer and worship. There is an optional outreach trip to Washington, D.C., following this summer’s leadership program that will culminate in Together 2016 on the National Mall to contend for revival in our nation.


Fascinate takes place July 21–23. The goal of this conference is to help connect teens to Jesus through prayer, purity, and presence. We want to see teenagers, youth leaders, and parents from all over the nation encounter Jesus, start and lead prayer meetings, and grow in the power of the Holy Spirit. Only Jesus—His person, His presence, and His power—can satisfy the longings we all have for love, pleasure, and impact.

In this hour of history, the Holy Spirit is marking young people with the kind of love and power that makes them unshakeable. We want to see students and their youth leaders and families refreshed in the love of God and the power of His Spirit during this gathering. Come join us this year as we pursue unshakeable love from Jesus to stand firm against the powers of this age. Teaching from Mike Bickle and Corey Russell will be accompanied by worship led by Misty Edwards, Cory Asbury, Matt Gilman, and other IHOPKC worship leaders.

Awakening Teen Camp

From June 21 to July 30, we will host our annual Awakening Teen Camp (ATC), which exists to see a generation awakened to the glory of Jesus. We believe that the Christian walk is one that flows from wholehearted love, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and activated to see impact in the earth.

We desire to see teens have a genuine relationship with the person of Christ and encounter Him in a way that impacts them for the rest of their lives. ATC is designed to pour into the next generation while helping create lifelong memories.

Each day is full of non-stop activity, including high-energy games; fun, biblical teaching; workshops; relational small group times; and powerful evening encounter services. We will even have specific segments of ATC to help strengthen teens as worshippers and musicians. Our camps provide teens with quality meals, housing, facilities, activities, and an outstanding staff. We invite those from ages 12 to 18 to come and be awakened to the joy of knowing and loving Jesus!

Signs & Wonders Camp

During the summer months we host Signs & Wonders Camp in Kansas City, welcoming children from ages 3 to 12, to come and learn more about partnering with God in their everyday lives. Our vision is to see one million children radically committed to Jesus, experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit, and moving in signs and wonders.

We build on the foundation parents have set, helping teach children how to know and love God; experience the power of the Holy Spirit; love, respect, obey, and honor their parents; live by the Word of God; and encounter God in worship and prayer. There is an overnight camp for children ages 8–12, a day camp for children ages 6–12, and a Little Edition track for children ages 3–5.

Fia Curley


    Fia Curley served on the NightWatch at IHOPKC for many years, participating in prayer, worship, and intercession from midnight to 6am. Currently attending college in New York, she enjoys blending her passion for prayer, worship, and journalism as she labors with the Lord to see His goodness revealed to families, government leaders, and immigrants from non-Christian nations.

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