Worship that Shakes the World by Misty Edwards
Unified intercession and worship is one thing that changes the spiritual atmosphere of a city or a region.

Worship that Shakes the World

by Misty Edwards
5/10/16 Prayer

Worship and prayer are inseparable. Through worship, we agree with who God is, and through prayer, we agree with what He promised to do. I don’t believe worship can be disconnected from prayer at all. The only thing that makes “worship music” worship is that we’re talking to God; otherwise, it’s just music.

Prayer is a dialogue with the Invisible, and there are many expressions of this conversation. Sometimes it is a contemplative meditation on Scripture. Other times it’s a heartfelt plea for help, a cry for justice, or a lament of repentance.

Prayer also includes a declaration of who God is and gratitude for what He’s done and will do, as well as a prophetic declaration of what He’s saying today.

Intercession, worship, praise, and the prophetic are all one seamless flow involved in this holy conversation that we call prayer. When we combine these elements with music, there is a dynamic impact on our hearts—individually and corporately—that affects society at large.

Often we use these two words—worship and prayer—to mean singing and speaking our conversation with God. I believe there’s a powerful connection between spoken prayers and those that are sung. In Revelation, we see both spoken word and song offered continuously around the throne. We see a harp, signifying music (Rev. 5:8), and a bowl full of the intercession of the saints (vv. 8-9). And we know that if this is the way it is in heaven, it’s also a model for how it ought to be on earth.

Today we see prayer meetings springing up around the world where the intercessors are being carried and sustained by enjoyable prayer (Isa. 56:7). One way such prayer becomes enjoyable is through the combination of spoken prayer with prophetic, inspirational music and singing.

Music originated from God. The human…

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Misty Edwards


  • Chief Singer and Worship Leader, IHOPKC

Misty helped start the International House of Prayer and has been a worship leader and songwriter here ever since. She serves on the senior leadership team. Misty’s hunger for reality and encounter with Jesus fuels her worship leading, songwriting, and preaching. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, her music has impacted thousands. Misty desires that her worship would bring people into the place of encounter with the heart of the Lord. Her passion is to see singers and songwriters step into their role as forerunners who have a message concerning God’s personality and the return of His Son.

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