Justice Loves Babies

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About the Book

Justice is a little boy who loves babies. He is eagerly waiting for the birth of his sister, Destiny. He wants to be the first to hold her. Justice talks to Destiny every day in her mother’s womb and prays that she would live and be strong. Soon his father, who is a doctor, will help his mother bring Destiny into the world. But one night Justice has a dream about other babies who were not allowed to be born. “Not all babies get the chance to live like Destiny does,” his mother tells him. “Never stop praying for the babies.” This story emphasizes the worth of life and the impact of prayer.


  • Darlene and Danielle Wibeto, Illustrated by Sarah Atkinson


  • Forerunner Publishing

About the Author

Darlene (Wibeto) Babineaux and Danielle (Wibeto) Ames are sisters who grew up in central California and later attended Asuza Pacific University, where they both received a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies and education. For many years they were intercessors with The Cause and the Justice House of Prayer, founded by Lou Engle, and the International House of Prayer of Kansas City. They are committed to praying and working for the ending of abortion in America. Darlene and her husband, Adam, reside in Kansas City with their two boys, Jacob and Malachi. Danielle resides in Kansas City with her husband, David, where she is an elementary teacher.


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