The Thankables

Three Little Creatures with Very Large Features

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About the Book

Every family has hard times and bad days. Not everyone encounters three little happy creatures who remind them through a catchy tune that God is faithful.

T. Hank, Abe, and Les, three little creatures with very large features, come to us to remind us to be thankful in the big and in the small. Through a musicial little song, the three take an unsuspecting family through a life-changing experience.

Author :

  • Nayomi Thomas

About the Author

Nayomi Thomas (MS, Organizational Development, Avila University) was raised across three continents, including a small island in the Netherlands Antilles, and now has a broad view of life, which she shares with her eighteen-year-old daughter Mahan, four-year-old-son, Justice, two-year-old daughter Addison, and husband, Jaye. Together, the Thomas family resides in Kansas City, Missouri, and are part of the International House of Prayer.


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