September 16–18, 2021
On-site CEC Tracks Available


At the International House of Prayer, we’re thrilled to see how the Lord is faithfully cultivating prophetic communities and dynamic friendships across the globe. While this is encouraging, it also invites us to more deliberately connect and interact with each other.

The challenges of the past year and a half have felt so disorienting that many have drifted into discouragement or fear or spiritual dullness. Many have lost heart or felt stuck in their calling. We have good news: The Lord is not discouraged, and His purposes for you and the Church have not changed! You are not disqualified—you are needed. Now more than ever, we believe that those willing to labor and live together with a prophetic, obedient spirit must also unite around prayer, worship, and the timely examination of Scripture. So much has changed, but the forerunner message remains clear: prepare the way of the Lord.

That’s why we’re excited to announce RETURN: An Interactive Prophetic Conference. Through 22 years of uninterrupted 24/7 prayer with worship, the Lord has taught us much at IHOPKC. Most recently, the Father has challenged us to reset and reassess how we do life together as a family while unflinchingly proclaiming the love and glory of our soon coming Bridegroom, King, and Judge.

We feel great and specific clarity around what the Lord is saying to the global Church in this hour, which is why we want to open our living room to our beautiful, international family of affection. Let’s turn our hearts together—to Him. At RETURN, you will interact with leaders around the present prophetic imperatives the Lord is speaking of. No matter where you live around the globe, you can be here with us in ways that will surprise you. We need you in this conversation!

Enjoy sessions from our IHOPKC family including

Mike Bickle

Dana Candler

Stuart Greaves

Dave Sliker

By joining us in-person or online you will be able to select from a unique offering of over 20 breakout sessions designed around the four pillars of Prayer, Power, Promise, and Worship.

A sample selection of breakout sessions include:


  • • How to Break Free from Spiritual Boredom
  • • Is Your Spiritual Life Sufficient for the Coming Seduction?


  • • The Greatest Story You've Never Been Told
  • • Israel and Palestine: Who's Right, Who's Wrong, and How Do We Pray?


  • • Fearless Proclamation in a Culture of Betrayal
  • • How Do You Confront Powers When You Are Powerless?


  • • Writing Songs That Awaken Love
  • • Moving from Proficient Musician to Prophetic Worshipper


Here’s how we are going to pursue God’s invitation for this hour: This September we won’t be going back to conferences the way they used to be. RETURN: An Interactive Prophetic Conference is an in-person and online hybrid community experience that equips Christians with everything needed to return to their deep roots in Christ through prayer and prophecy while connecting and reconnecting with critical relationships. It’s a mouthful, but we can’t wait to show you the possibilities for deepening your walk in Him and creating vibrant new friendships to sustain you through these troubled times.

RETURN is more than a conference. It’s a journey. Thousands of journeys, actually. Your journey. But if we do this right, all roads lead to one goal: Jesus magnified and enlarged in our hearts and proclaimed with triumph and brilliance in the waning hours of history. Gaze with fresh eyes on God’s unfolding story with others who carry a forerunner spirit. Discover your own significance in this critical hour. Don’t run from the troubles. Return.

You don’t have to feel disoriented, discouraged, or distracted from God’s story. You can be empowered, equipped, released.
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