Training Prophetic Messengers
To Prepare a People

Training Prophetic Messengers
To Prepare a People

School of Messengers (SOM) is an eight-month intensive from IHOPKC’s Center for Biblical End-Time Studies (CBETS) designed to equip you to grow in biblical prophetic understanding and share the gospel and its end-time message in practical ways. Learn how to apply the knowledge gained about the end-time prophetic landscape and the unprecedented dynamics surrounding Jesus’ second coming and share it effectively with others in your churches, youth, and campus ministries, pastoring, disciple-making, marketplace, and day-to-day life.

School of Messengers consists of eight three-day deep-dive intensives per year. In this once-a-month format, there will be interactive engagement with Stuart Greaves, David Sliker, and special guest speakers from various ministries. The strong focus of each three-day intensive will be practical equipping to get you ready for real, personal, face-to-face, high-contact conversations about the gospel and end-time subjects. We want you to be prepared not only for the platforms of the earth but also for the coffee tables of the nations.

SOM is for believers who sense a call to be prophetic messengers as voices and light to others. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, marketplace leader, student, teacher, or pastor, the Spirit is calling believers from all walks and stages of life as voices of wisdom and comfort by helping others prepare for what is coming: Jesus’ end-time plan and purposes.

School of Messengers aims to create a vibrant community and mentoring for attendees. On-site there will be times of sharing meals, interaction, and dialogue around end-time prophetic themes. There is also an option to join online. To augment our monthly time together, registrants will also receive additional touchpoints and resources.


  • End-Time Prophetic Messengers and Jesus’ Mercy Strategy for the Nations
  • The Prophetic Church and the Global Influence of the Harlot System: Where Does the Rage of the Nations Go from Here?
  • The Kingdom of God: The Increase of Jesus’ Government and Peace in the World
  • The Kingdom of God: Eternal Perspective and Its Impact on Prophetic Understanding and Lifestyle
  • The End of the Age: The Worship and Prayer Movement and God’s End-Time Glory and


There are two options for attendance: in person or online.

  • In person includes all nine intensive sessions, two meals per intensive with personal touch points from Stuart Greaves and David, Sliker, small groups, prophetic, ministry, and time in IHOPKC‘s Global Prayer Room.
  • Online attendance includes all nine intensive sessions, small groups with other online participants, and online prophetic ministry.

All participants will receive access to the archives of the intensives they have registered for. 

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December Intensive

A Child is Born: The Eschatological Implications of the First Coming

As we enter the Christmas season there is so much to be celebrated in the gospel. In this last intensive of the year, we will be looking at some of the eschatological implications of Jesus’ first coming and the Christmas story.

Our upcoming December Intensive speakers include:

2023 Dates

Intensive 8: December 16–18

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2024 Dates

Intensive 1: February 15–17
Intensive 2: March 14–16
Intensive 3: April 18–20
Intensive 4: May 23–25

Intensive 5: June 20–22
Intensive 6: September 12–14
Intensive 7: October 17–19
Intensive 8: November 21–23

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On-site* and Online Pricing

*Does not include lodging

Sign up for one intensive or all of them as your schedule allows.

December intensive registration opens 11/30. All remaining intensive packages may be purchased at any time.

Note: If you are a CBETS alumni or have registered in the past with CBETS, use your existing login for registration.

All SOM registrations are refundable. See FAQ for additional details or email


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 December only $125

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FAQs (click to expand)

Q: What is the SOM refund policy?

A: All SOM registrations are refundable and fully transferrable between online and on-site options with full refunds offered for the cost difference. Online participants paying for the full eight months can upgrade to the on-site experience for $100 per intensive. If on-site registrants who have paid for the full eight months need to take an intensive online instead of in person, they can request a refund of $100 per intensive. Please direct refund requests to:

Q: Will the online course work in different time zones (i.e., Europe or Asia)?

A: Yes, participants in other time zones can take the course online. Archives will be available for the times that online participants can’t attend.

Q: If I am taking the course online but cannot attend all of the live sessions due to my work / class / sleep schedule, will there be recordings?

A: Yes, there will be recordings available for each class, which will be uploaded to an archive for the online students.

Q: What will the schedule be?

A: The tentative schedule will be Thursday 2–8pm, Friday 8am–9:30pm, and Saturday 8am–12pm, with breaks for meals and some in-person activities.

Q: Will I be required to attend all of the classes each day? Is there a minimum required attendance?

A: There will be nine sessions over a period of three days. It is not required but highly recommended that all sessions are attended for content continuity and conversation.

Q: Can I register for the eight-intensive option online but attend some of the intensives on-site?

A: Yes, if someone wants to register for all eight intensives online but attend in person a few times, they can pay the extra $100 to attend in person that month.

Q: Will I need to purchase a book or any materials?

A: At this time all materials will be provided via download or other electronic sources. If that changes, all students will be updated with the required materials.

2023 Dates

Intensive 1: March 16–18
Intensive 2: April 20–22
Intensive 3: May 25–27
Intensive 4: June 22–24

Intensive 5: September 14–16
Intensive 6: October 19–21
Intensive 7: November 16–18
Intensive 8: December 14–16

2024 Dates