Training Prophetic Messengers
To Prepare a People

Training Prophetic Messengers
To Prepare a People

When John the Baptist was revealed, His light shone brightly as a “burning and shining lamp,” preparing a nation, a generation, for the first coming of Jesus the Messiah (John 5:35).

As confusion and darkness increase in the present day, the need for voices of truth like John the Baptist is greater than ever before. Who will then tell the nations, the generations, our communities, and families about this message? God is raising up prophetic voices like John the Baptist, messengers who are deeply acquainted with the prophetic Scriptures which describe the unique dynamics related to Jesus’ return to the earth. More than head knowledge, these truths are meant to affect how we think, pray, and live and how we impact those around us.

At IHOPKC, we have created the School of Messengers (SOM) to equip you to grasp and share the gospel and its end-time message in practical ways. A strong focus of each three-day deep-dive intensive will be practical equipping to get you ready for real, personal face-to-face, high-contact conversations. We don’t want to prepare people only for the platforms of the earth but also for the coffee tables of the nations.

SOM is for believers who sense a prophetic call to be a voice and a light to others. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, pastor, teacher, student, or marketplace leader, you can live differently by understanding the end times. And you can be a prophetic voice of wisdom and comfort by helping others prepare for what’s coming.

SOM is an offering from IHOPKC’s Center for Biblical End-Time Studies (CBETS) that consists of eight three-day deep-dive intensives per year. In a once-a-month format, SOM brings you interactive engagement with Mike Bickle, Stuart Greaves, David Sliker, and special guest speakers. There will be teaching, Q&A, prayer, and ministry as well as times to enjoy meals together. To augment our monthly time together, registered students will also receive touch points and special offers throughout the year.


Intensive 1: February 16–18
Intensive 2: March 16–18
Intensive 3: April 20–22
Intensive 4: May 25–27

Intensive 5: June 22–24
Intensive 6: October 19–21
Intensive 7: November 16–18
Intensive 8: December 14–16

Speakers and Special Guests


On-site* and Online Pricing

*Does not include lodging

Sign up for one intensive or all of them as your schedule allows.

Note: If you are a CBETS alumni or have registered in the past with CBETS, use your existing login for registration.


$1,600 full 8-intensive package 
$200 single intensive, per intensive


$800 full 8-intensive package 
$125 single intensive, per intensive

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