Summer at IHOPKC


Summer is often a time for vacations, periods of rest and exploration. But rather than focusing on the beauty of a beach or the thrill of a theme park, what if your child was captivated by Christ in a fresh way?

At the International House of Prayer of Kansas City, we believe summer can play a pivotal role in a young person’s life. Our camps are designed to help children and teens encounter Jesus, commit to Him wholeheartedly, and serve Him all of their days. We routinely see lasting friendships formed and destinies shifted at these camps. Take a look at what an IHOPKC summer camp can do for your child or teen!

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Signs & Wonders Camps

Ages 6–12

We are committed to raising up children that know God, love Him wholeheartedly, and demonstrate His power to others. Our high-energy Signs & Wonders Camps are open to ages 6–12. We also have the Little Edition camps for ages 4–5. Have your children join us for a fun and impactful summer that equips them to minister to their families, churches, and communities with the love and power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Awakening Teen Camps

Ages 12–18

Join teens from across the nation for a weeklong experience of building faith, enjoying fun and high-energy games, and pursuing times of deep intimacy with the Holy Spirit! Open to junior and senior high school students, these camps are part of raising up a generation that burns brightly for Christ.

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All Ages

Come and experience five days of inspiring teaching, ministry times, and, most of all, the presence of God in our Global Prayer Room in which prayer with worship has been going non-stop since 1999. We are confident that you will be inspired, encouraged, make new friendships, and get equipped over these five days to engage with God in confidence as you take your place in the grand story He is unfolding on the earth in our day.

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Signs & Wonders Regional Camps

Ages 6–12

Our Signs & Wonders Regional Camps bring the training of our Kansas City camps to your location! Gather with believers for a week of equipping children to love God wholeheartedly, obey their parents, and make Jesus known. Camps are open to ages 6–12 and sometimes include an option for 4–5-year-olds.