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Herrnhut Apartments

International House of Prayer Housing

International House of Prayer Housing offers affordable housing options to the IHOPKC community. Herrnhut Apartments is a multi-level complex within walking distance of the Red Bridge Center (location of the Global Prayer Room).

Leasing options include both long-term rental of unfurnished units on six- and twelve-month leases and short-term rental of furnished units on month-to-month leases. One-, two-, and three-bedroom units of varying layouts are available. Rent includes water utility.

Call us at (816) 763-4331 or (816) 767-0336.

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Premium Property Management, LLC, is a full-service property management company serving the greater Kansas City and Grandview areas. Whether you are an owner looking to rent your property, or you are in need of a place to live, we offer solutions for your leasing and management needs.

We work hard for potential tenants to find the home that is right for them, and we are honored to help anyone coming to serve at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City.

For property owners seeking to rent a home, our mission is to ensure that your property is occupied and well maintained, and to provide you with the highest rate of return for your home.

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