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Look to the heavens and count the stars. . . .

When we gaze at distant stars in the dead of night, we cannot help but think of the great heroes of yesterday. The same stars under which Abraham marveled, Jacob dreamed, and David sang, similarly inspire us to believe for the many divine promises hanging over our own lives. Abraham was instructed to look up at the stars while the Lord whispered a special promise: his new name. Every night that stars shine, we can’t help but feel the grandeur and hope of what the Lord is similarly orchestrating in our day.

For two decades, men and women have gathered to the International House of Prayer of Kansas City to sustain the prophetic mandate for unceasing prayer with worship that defines this place. Over that span of time, 20,000 of our beautiful alumni family (students, interns, and staff; young and old of all races) have faithfully stood in the gap to cry out for God’s mighty promises. Day and night, together, we declare the supreme worth of Jesus—a mission that has since spread across nations and continents. In the grace of God, as long as the stars continue to shine, we will do so until Jesus returns.

Friends, you are at the very center of this great story. We share a place in the scroll of history at this critical hour. Yes, many promises have already been fulfilled, but others remain: promises over your life, over this movement, even over the culmination of the ages. We boldly raise our eyes to a horizon full of stars with hearts filled with dreams, contending for answers in our day and the days of our children and grandchildren. And so, as it was for Abraham, the stars still shine, reminding us of our spiritual lineage. We are people of hope and faith. People of prayer and promise. Our calling is unchanged, to burn with an intensity of love on the inside. Hundreds of thousands, even millions of personal prayer lamps, now burn across the earth, lighting history with hope.

In our 20th year, we are calling for 10,000 dreamers, prayers, givers, and doers to partner with us with a $200 one-time gift or $20 a month to help us reach our $2 million goal and enter our third decade with strength. Your gifts sustain a continuous fire on the altar every day and every night in the prayer room. Will you partner in the promise of unceasing worship and intercession as part of a glorious welcome party for our coming King? Join us!
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. . . So shall your descendants be.

Genesis 15:5

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Believe for Promises to Come

The Lord has called us to work with other ministries to mobilize 100 million intercessors worldwide who will pray for the salvation of Israel (Isa. 62:6–7).

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Early prophetic words highlighted the Lord raising up prophetic singers and musicians in Kansas City that would sing glorious truths and promises that are found in the Scripture, resulting in a greater release of God's heart and power.

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Stadiums across the US being filled with people experiencing prayer and revival.

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As nations tremble, revival increases, and crises mount, the Lord has an answer: His "house of prayer for all nations" (Isa. 56:7). We humbly embrace our part in connecting with many prayer ministries across the nations as the Lord raises up the Body of Christ as "an international family of affection" across national and ethnic barriers.

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We are boldly asking the Lord for a great harvest of souls to be swept into the kingdom.

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In May 1983, the Lord spoke in a dramatic way that He would release a healing anointing such that "no disease known to man will stand before the Name of Jesus" (Jn. 14:12). We see every present healing as a downpayment of a future fulfillment of this promise to be released in Kansas City and across the earth.

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"I recommend that anyone becomes a partner. When we partner with IHOPKC, we fuel this 24/7 movement. It is an honor and a privilege. We enter into what they are doing by resourcing them, by supporting them, by praying for them, and by sending all resources to them to change the world for the glory of God."


"I love this place, I’ve been involved for a long time—it’s changed my life, it’s changed my family’s lives. I can’t do what IHOPKC does, and IHOPKC can’t do what they do without people like me partnering. God has structured it in a way that we are mutually benefited by being in partnership with one another."

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