Year End 2022

Keeping the Fire on the Altar—Worldwide

The International House of Prayer of Kansas City (IHOPKC) is in its 24th year and is approaching its 25-year milestone. We are in awe that unceasing worship and intercession have been rising to the throne of God for almost a quarter-century from this small prayer room in Kansas City.

Although 24/7 prayer with worship seems foolish in the eyes of the world, the Lord has chosen to release His power through the worship and prayers of His people who come into agreement with Him. We are grateful for every person who, in seeing this hidden value, has chosen to partner with IHOPKC for the sake of sustaining the glorious mission of 24/7 prayer with worship.

We long for the day when Jesus returns and reigns on the throne of David with justice and righteousness over all the kings and presidents of the nations. Until that day, IHOPKC is committed to 24/7 prayer with worship for the Lord to reign through His Church.

Right Now

The current IHOPKC Global Prayer Room (GPR) webstream goes into millions of homes, workplaces, and houses of prayer in 245 nations and territories in multiple languages—including heavily persecuted and closed nations. The 24/7 prayer with worship webstream knows few borders, and many depend on the GPR webstream to keep the fire on the altar for their cities and regions.

What's Coming

We are excited to announce our plan to take the webstream to the next level by exploring interactive elements that enable intercessors from any location to pray dynamically with the GPR in Kansas City. Interactive live streaming means that the audience is able to actively participate, to interact with and through it, affecting the stream and creating a truly global prayer room. This will be a multi-phase project. In the first phase, we are planning to start developing new technology needed for a digital three-dimensional prayer room world that enables real-time interactions between remote intercessors, worshipers, and the GPR teams. What an amazing tool for intercessors—worldwide!

Testimonials That Inspire Us to Innovate for the Kingdom

"The GPR webstream has been a blessing and great support [in] starting . . . the house of prayer in our city . . . during the pandemic in 2020. We would meet in our homes during the lockdown and . . . tune in to the webstream to support our times of prayer. Fast-forward one year later, the house of prayer is led primarily by local believers with prayer and worship in the local language. Thank you for your faithfulness and for blessing the nations with the heart of 24/7 prayer and worship!" —E. P., Middle East

"I just want to say THANK YOU for your continued yes unto the Lord. I receive so much in the presence of God through the Global Prayer Room, that reading or gaining [insight] behind-the-scenes regarding the teams allows me to return the gift of intercession for them. This is simply an amazing ministry. Grace to the ENTIRE ministry!" —K. R.

"The IHOP prayer room is such a blessing. The June 8 evening set that went deep on God's love for us and the first commandment was just one example of how the passion the singers show stirs the hearts of those listening ❤️." —S. & P.

"I just want to share that God has used IHOPKC so powerfully in my life! I'm able to cooperate more with His grace and am seeing changes in my life bit by bit and step by step. I've noticed an increased love and hunger as well as an understanding of the Word. I really glean from tuning into the prayer room and Mike Bickle's online library. I would love prayer that the first commandment would take the first place in my life!" —J. B.

"Since completing our [IHOPKC] internships in 2008, we have focused on establishing prayer altars, homes of prayer, [and] discipleship and kingdom of God communities in Florida. . . . We keep the IHOPKC webstream on in our home and also in the Shalom Home of Prayer. God bless you and the whole IHOPKC team in all you do." —Peter Dettman, Beverly Hills, FL

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