Isaiah 62 Fast

May 7–28, 2023

Join IHOPKC and intercessors worldwide for a 21-day fast with daily prayer for Israel May 7–28. This fast will lead up to a historic global day of prayer for Israel that will unite more than 100 million intercessors and also marks the 40th anniversary of Mike Bickle’s first fast in Kansas City, a significant prophetic milestone.

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Awakening Teen Camp 2023

Summer 2023 | Ages 12-18

Join teens from across the nation for a weeklong experience of building faith, enjoying fun and high-energy games, and pursuing times of deep intimacy with the Holy Spirit! Open to junior and senior high school students, these camps are part of raising up a generation that burns brightly for Christ.

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Signs & Wonders 2023

Summer 2023 | Ages 6-12

We are committed to raising up children that know God, love Him wholeheartedly, and demonstrate His power to others. Our high-energy Signs & Wonders Camps are open to ages 6–12. We also have the Little Edition camps for ages 4–5. Have your children join us for a fun and impactful summer that equips them to minister to their families, churches, and communities with the love and power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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School of Messengers

April 20–22, 2023

Get practical teaching to demystify the Bible’s 150 end-time chapters and get equipped to live in preparation for Jesus’ return with our new training program that fits your schedule! This course includes an in-depth study with interactive engagement with Mike Bickle, Stuart Greaves, David Sliker, and special guests, as well as touchpoints throughout the year. Best of all, you can customize your sessions and learn at your own pace!

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Intimacy with the Trinity in John 15


Starting January 28 and ending May 6, the focus of the series on John 13–17 will be chapter 15. In this 15-week part of the series, Mike Bickle and Stuart Greaves will teach verse by verse as they examine key themes in these passages found in the book of John.

Worship begins at 7:30pm. CEC is available for children ages 3–12, 7:15–9:30pm.

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Immerse Program


Experience eight days in the life of an intercessory missionary, ideal for those in the workplace, home, and ministry who don’t have time for a longer program. Come encounter God in the prayer room and through Bible teaching and ministry.

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