One Thing Internship

One Thing Internship



Do you have a heart for the global prayer movement and intercessory missions? Do you want to go deeper and explore what the Lord is doing on the earth? As crisis abounds, the world is looking for answers. God has revealed these answers to His people for such a time as this. Come rediscover what Scripture says about God’s plan for the Church who partners with Him from the place of prayer for the release of His purposes on the earth.


The One Thing Internship is a six-month program where young adults can seek the Lord together in the context of a like-minded community. The central place of this internship is our 24/7 Global Prayer Room. Interns will also spend time in classes, serve in various capacities around the missions base, participate in small groups, and receive discipleship

The goal of our structure and schedule is to give interns the opportunity to grow in confidence of God’s love for them as they go deeper in the Word and in prayer. In a generation that is seeking purpose and belonging, we invite you to join others in seeking the “one thing necessary”—to sit at the feet of Jesus and hear His voice. While each internship has a distinctive age group, length, and schedule, they all share the same core training components.

I made wonderful friends who pushed me forward, provoking me to righteousness and loving God with all my heart. Coming to the internship shifted the course of my entire life because I discovered the one reason I was created: to bring pleasure to His heart.

Kirsten, Immerse Participant

Matt Gilman
One Thing Alumnus
Worship Leader


Upcoming Dates

Spring 2024 Track : January 12th – June 15th
Fall 2024 Track: July 19th – December 14th


Singles, ages 18–25 (no dating during the internship)


6 months



Domestic Interns


International Interns


A nonrefundable initial payment of $400 is due two weeks after your notification of acceptance. This is to confirm your acceptance and reserve a place for you in the program. Remaining payment is due by the first day of orientation.

Cost Includes

All internship teaching, books, exclusive OTI internship T-shirt, activities, housing, utilities, and three meals per day.


Rob Giesey served as Associate Director and Associate Pastor of Meleah House of Prayer (now King’s House) in McKinney, Texas for ten years (2011–2021). In 2021, the Lord made it clear that He was sending Rob and his family to Kansas City to join the International House of Prayer of Kansas City Missions Base. For the last two and a half years Rob has served at IHOPKC in the 24/7 Global Prayer Room as a section leader in the afternoon section (12pm–6pm) where he helps to give pastoral oversight to sixty singers, musicians, sound techs, and prayer leaders. Rob also serves the missions base as a teacher for the various internships provided by IHOPKC and as IHOPKC’s pastoral liaison connecting ministries from around the world with IHOPKC resources, training, and visits to IHOPKC. Rob has a passion for intercession and ministering to the Lord through the Sermon on the Mount as a lifestyle, prayer, and song. Rob serves the larger Body of Christ through teaching and equipping on the topics of prayer, the sermon on the mount, the knowledge of God, the return of Jesus, and the first commandment. Rob has been married to Sydney Giesey for fourteen years and they have two children—Zoe and Levi. They currently reside in Kansas City, Missouri.

Rob Giesey
One Thing Internship



Why should I do the One Thing Internship?

The One Thing Internship is a consecrated season of encounter with God and saturation in His Word in the context of 24/7 prayer with worship. If any of that makes sense to you, you belong here. The internships are also the best way to get trained and integrated into the values and community of the broader IHOPKC family and ministry. So, whether you are looking to take a “gap year” before or during college, or you are wanting to move here to plug into our spiritual family and ministry long term, the One Thing Internship is a great fit for you. Come encounter Jesus, have your prayer life transformed, and go deep in the Word of God with other like-minded young adults from all over the world.

What does the One Thing Internship program look like?

At IHOPKC, prayer is at the core of who we are and what we do. Specifically, within the One Thing Internship, it is our deepest desire to see young people learn to pray both in the secret place and with one another. All of our classes, assignments, and small group conversations are built to help young people grow in prayer and deeper understanding of the Word, all in the context of keeping a 24/7 prayer and worship sanctuary. Throughout the program, you will also engage in different service activities within our church, ministry, and at times the larger Kansas City area. By the end of the program you will have successfully read through the entire Bible, strengthened your prayer life, grown in godly friendships, and gained a more biblical understanding of prayer and God’s desire for it in the individual lives of His people as well as corporately in the nations of the earth!

Can I work during the internship?

The One Thing Internship is designed to fill a full-time schedule that is not conducive to outside work.

I can come for most of the internship but would have to leave early for school. What do I do?

Permission must be received from the Internship Director for anyone arriving late or leaving early.

May I date during the internship?

No dating during the internship is allowed.