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The David House Agency and IHOPKC – February 2024

IHOPKC and I are deeply grateful for the tireless efforts and invaluable counsel of Eric Volz and the David House Agency. Eric has proven himself to be an absolute professional, serving with strength, courage and integrity.  He agreed to serve as the spokesman for IHOPKC when no one else could step into that role. I am convinced that this ministry would not have survived this crisis without the sound advice and precise communication that he provided on our behalf.

We are immensely grateful for his sacrifice to come alongside us during this difficult time.  He fulfilled his duties tirelessly, and with honor and integrity.  

Our spiritual family honors him and prays that God bless him and keep him in all of his future endeavors.

Kurt Fuller & the IHOPKC Senior Leadership Team
Joseph Taylor
Alisha Powell
Isaac Bennett
Lenny LaGuardia
Matt Candler