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Our Commitment to Prayer Amidst Change

After much prayer and deliberation with the Board, we have come to the conclusion that we will wind down many of the ministry and training expressions of IHOPKC, including IHOPU, Forerunner Church, CEC, and Internships. Our ongoing focus as a ministry will remain on the 24/7 prayer room and intercession for Israel.

Some might ask how we got to this point. To be clear, this is more than a response to the crisis of the last six months. After thorough examination of all aspects of IHOPKC, we have determined that the need for reform and change is vast. Therefore, we are taking a course that is deliberate and intentional, though not easy.

The financial and personnel losses have not been without consequence, yet they are only a part of the deeper issues we must address in order to continue night and day prayer for future generations. The governance and structure of a Mission Base with a church, ministry school, ministries, and hundreds of staff have been strained for several years and need reform. We believe now is the opportune time to address those challenges through a transition and reorganization process.

This ministry has produced much fruit over the years, and we are profoundly grateful for those who pioneered, sowed, labored, and believed in this people’s calling —a call that still remains. In the immediate season, it is clear that we need to focus on the prayer room as our primary assignment as the Lord gives us grace.

We are still navigating the details as many areas wind down. Not all ministries or areas will be on the same timeline, so this will take time. We are in a volatile environment, but we’re working day by day with the Board to finalize details and timelines. 

We care deeply about the IHOPKC staff, our local community, partners, friends abroad, and our relationships with the international community and Israel. We plan to continue to share what we do know and communicate in the days ahead as details become clear.

Joseph Taylor
Executive Director