Immerse Program


Experience eight days in the life of an intercessory missionary, ideal for those in the workplace, home, and ministry who don’t have time for a longer program. Come encounter God in the prayer room and through Bible teaching and ministry.


Weekends at IHOPKC


For those who desire to grow in the knowledge and love of God, be renewed in their spiritual life, and join in with 24/7 corporate worship and prayer. Come encounter God in the prayer room, through Bible teaching, and at our weekend services.

Encounter God Service

Encounter God Service


Every Friday night, we gather for an extended time of worship and ministry, followed by teachings related to the subjects of intimacy with Jesus and the end times. These sessions are taught by Mike Bickle and other IHOPKC leaders.

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Unwavering: A Women's Gathering

Unwavering: Women’s Gathering

March 30–April 1, 2017

We welcome you to join with us this coming spring in Kansas City, as we join with women of like heart from around the country and the nations, to seek the face of God together, encounter the Holy Spirit, and go out empowered and encouraged.

Mike and Diane Bickle, Heidi Baker, Lisa Bevere, Laura Hackett Park, Jaye and Nayomi Thomas, and others

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CEC Leadership Summit

CEC Parents and Leadership Summit

April 7–8, 2017

The CEC Parents and Leadership Summit is designed to equip church leaders, parents, and others with the tools necessary to impact and mentor the next generation.

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Media Messenger Intensive with George Otis Jr.

April 24–29, 2017

Spend a week intensive with award winning documentarian George Otis Jr and team to equip you with the skills and principles behind effective creative story telling. The intensive will be filled with surprises and out-of-the-box exercises—all designed to stimulate thinking from a new perspective. All participants will leave with an ability to tell good stories.


A Biblical Worldview of Israel and Social Justice

May 12–13, 2017

with Calev Myers and IHOPU faculty

Join us for a two-day symposium on understanding a biblical response to some of the challenges of rising anti-Semitism (and its new guise, anti-Zionism) around the world today. This symposium will help you navigate the thorny political and theological issues with a heart of wisdom and compassion.


Signs & Wonders Camps

June 11–August 5, 2017

An overnight camp (ages 8–12) or day camp (ages 6–12) training and releasing children to be wholeheartedly devoted to God. Children grow in the knowledge and love of God, learn to experience the power of the Holy Spirit, encounter God in worship and prayer, and much more.

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Awakening Teen Camps

June 24–July 31, 2017

Awakening Teen Camps seeks to equip teens ages 12–18 to live a lifestyle of prayer, worship, and wholehearted love for Jesus. Come grow in the knowledge of God and be awakened to the joy of impacting your generation with His power, and have a ton of fun!

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Children’s Ministry Conference

July 5–7, 2017

During the IHOPKC Children’s Ministry Conference, we desire to equip and empower children, parents, and leaders to pursue the knowledge of God, passion for Jesus, and enjoyable prayer, and to contend for signs and wonders.

Fascinate: A High School Conference

Fascinate Conference

July 20–22, 2017

The call is going out to teenagers in this nation to consecrate their hearts in radical pursuit of Jesus. Fascinate is a conference for high school students to connect them to the prayer movement.

Rick Pino, Misty Edwards, Allen Hood, Corey Russell, David Sliker, Isaac Bennett, Jon Thurlow, Laura Hackett Park, and more


The Promise-Plan of God

November 10–11, 2017

with Dr. Walter C. Kaiser Jr. and IHOPU faculty

Join Dr. Walter Kaiser, one of the premier theologians in our generation, for a two-day symposium focused on his masterful approach to the overarching story of God throughout the Old and New Testaments. Many IHOPU faculty have found his approach extremely helpful in their approach to understanding Scripture.

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Partner Ministries and Events

Hope City

Hope City

Hope City is an inner city ministry that seeks to bring social justice to the community by maintaining a house of prayer.

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7M-pact Events

Working together to create a focused vision for impacting all areas of society.

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