Interns at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City spend a focused season of their lives worshiping Jesus, studying the Word, engaging in works of justice, ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit, and contending for the full release of the Lord’s kingdom purposes.

Four Internships, Same Goals and Curriculum

The four internships are three or six months long and accommodate all seasons of life. Our desire is to see each intern build strong relationships and lifelong friendships. The purpose of the internships is to further prepare individuals of all ages as intercessors, worshipers, messengers, singers, and musicians for the growing worship, prayer, and missions movement throughout the nations of the earth.

While each internship has a distinctive age limit, length, schedule, and time of day, they all share the same goals and central training components: corporate prayer meetings, classroom instruction, service and outreach, practical ministry experience, and the chance to be involved on worship teams.

Biblical Teaching

Biblical teaching in all of the internships focuses on intimacy with Jesus, ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit, the forerunner ministry, evangelizing the lost, justice, and outreach. Interns also receive practical, hands-on training in the prophetic and healing ministries.

Upon successful completion of six months of an internship, interns may apply to join staff at the International House of Prayer. Additionally, the internship curriculum may be transferred for credit toward the first semester at International House of Prayer University (IHOPU).

After the internship, some will stay and join the International House of Prayer as ministry staff. Many will continue training in our Bible, music, media, and missions schools at IHOPU. Others will return home strengthened in their spiritual life to continue with further study, pursue a career in the marketplace, be a full-time mom at home, and so on. Still others may relocate to Kansas City long-term to work or go to college, while remaining connected to the International House of Prayer family.

Confidence in God’s Love

The Holy Spirit is raising up a generation who love God with all their hearts, minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, and impact their generation. It is not enough to simply hear the call. The “yes” in the heart must be combined with real preparation for this great journey, through skilled instruction, personal encounter, and spiritual impartation.

Many give up on the journey when they feel the despair of their own weakness and failure. But when the people of God know they were created to love Him and be loved by Him, their hearts soar with confidence in His abundant grace.

Our internships exist to equip believers in the Word of God, that they might minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, engage in intercession, and be committed to outreach and service. Our vision is to work in relationship with the larger Body of Christ to engage in the Great Commission, as we seek to walk out the two great commandments to love God and people.

Invitation from Mike Bickle

Why take three or six months to do an internship? To set aside a focused season to seek the Lord and encounter Jesus in new and deeper ways.

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Comparison of Our Four Internships

Intro to IHOPKC

Age: All ages, families welcome

2017 Dates
September 21–December 15

2018 Dates
January 16–April 13
May 15–August 10
September 11-December 7

Duration: Two 3-month tracks (track 2 optional; tracks run concurrently)

Cost: $1,275 per track

Housing and food: Not provided

One Thing Internship

Age: 18–25, singles

2017 Dates
July 13–December 16

2018 Dates
January 11–June 9
July 19–December 22

Duration: Six months

Domestic: $5,600
International: $5,850

Housing and food: Provided

Fire in the Night

Note: This program runs through the night; sleep schedules are adjusted so that interns can be in the prayer room during the night. Fire in the Night can be completed as either a residential internship or non-residential internship. The residential program is for ages 18–25. The non-residential program is only available for singles ages 26 and older and married couples ages 18 and older (families welcome).

2017 Dates
April 5–June 30
July 5–September 22
September 27–December 15

2018 Dates
January 3–March 23
March 28–June 15
June 20–September 7
September 19–December 7

Duration: Two 3-month tracks (track 2 optional; tracks run concurrently)

Residential program

Age: Singles ages 18–25

Track 1: $2,900
Track 2: $2,000

Housing and food: Provided

Non-residential program

Age: Singles ages 26+; married couples ages 18+ (families welcome)

Track 1: $1,200
Track 2: $1,100

Housing and food: Not provided

Simeon Company Internship

Age: 50+

2017 Dates
October 2–December 17

2018 Dates
January 15–April 1
April 9–June 24
July 9–Sept. 23
October 1–December 16

Duration: Two 3-month tracks (track 2 optional; tracks run concurrently)

Cost: $1,275 per track

Housing and food: Not provided