Forerunner School of Ministry

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Forerunner School of Ministry (FSM) at IHOPU is a full-time Bible school; it exists to equip this generation in the Word and the power of the Spirit for the bold proclamation of the Lord Jesus and His kingdom. Our students embrace in-depth biblical training in the context of a thriving missions base fueled by 24/7 prayer with worship. As a result, theological education obtained in the classroom is connected to intimacy with Jesus and practical service and outreach, including works of justice and acts of compassion.

Our goal is to equip believers to win the lost, heal the sick, plant churches and houses of prayer, and seek to impact all areas of society.

The times are urgent, our need is great. We believe it is time to bring theological education together with corporate prayer, fasting, worship, healing, and prophecy. In the context of 24/7 worship-based prayer, our vision is to train leaders, singers, musicians, intercessors, church planters, teachers, and those called to the workplace.

FSM’s curriculum combines biblical study, intercession, and worship with practical discipleship through an effective small group structure. Our certificates and diplomas prepare students for ministry in all areas of the Church.

Course Highlights

The Excellencies of Christ
Paul and His Epistles
Church History
New Testament Theology
The Life of Christ in the Gospels

“Because study at Forerunner School of Ministry is centered around prayer, my pursuit of sound theological doctrine and my life of prayer have been beautifully joined in my heart. Instead of graduating with only concepts and rhetoric, I gained vibrant friendship with Jesus, grounded in the truth of the Word. This is the greatest gift that any institution could have given me.”

—Davy Flowers
FSM alumna from Jackson, MS

Academic Programs

During the first semester, all incoming IHOPU students take classes in the Forerunner Curriculum, a foundational, one-semester general program of study.

Forerunner Program: Freshmen and Sophomores

Freshman and sophomore students are enrolled in the two-year Forerunner Program, which is intended to help students cultivate a lifestyle of prayer and a love for the Word of God. Fasting is encouraged, but voluntary.

The curriculum is designed to provide students with the biblical doctrine and values to equip them to love Jesus and others with all their strength, that they might do His works in the power of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders, reaching out to others.

Our desire is to see every student discipled through regular interaction with leaders and fellow students as they reach for the fullness of God’s destiny in their lives. Students are taught, equipped, and mentored in healing, prophecy, and deliverance.

It is our aim that in completing this program, every student will be strengthened in the Word of God and prayer, and be further equipped to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Christian Ministry Program: Juniors and Seniors

Juniors and seniors follow the Christian Ministry Program, choosing one of the following majors:

House of Prayer Leadership
Theological training, development of leadership, team-building skills, and practical equipping prepare students to serve the prayer movement—some in houses of prayer, and others involved in prayer ministries in local churches.

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Prophecy, Healing, and Deliverance
Students learn what the Bible teaches about operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, with an emphasis on healing, deliverance, and the prophetic ministry.

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