Vertical Marriage

About the Book

Marriage is one of the most significant commitments any person can make in this life. Amongst the myriad of preparations you can make, what is most important for a lasting, healthy relationship? Understanding that marriage is not eternal—but its fruit is—Mike and Anne Rizzo, seasoned marriage counselors, turn our gaze Godward. A vertical focus, on the Creator of marriage, becomes the best foundation for building a beautiful, life-long bond with your future spouse.

How does Scripture’s bridal paradigm play into your daily relationship, and what is the ultimate goal of your union? Practical and visionary, Vertical Marriage will help you evaluate your relationship, establish a marital vision, understand God’s unique design for your marriage and future, and set expectations for the nitty-gritty details of life together. For use with a marriage counselor or independently, Vertical Marriage is a premarital manual designed for engaged couples and those already married who desire to establish a powerful partnership of eternal significance.


  • Mike and Anne Rizzo


  • Forerunner Publishing

Publish Year:

  • 2015


  • 978-1-938060-33-5


Vertical Marriage is a weighty, no-holds-barred approach to get your marriage started on the right spiritual footing. Wise and spiritually penetrating . . . highly recommended, especially for serious believers. Gary Thomas, Author of Sacred Marriage and The Sacred Search

A powerful blueprint for a beautiful union that will help any couple, young or old, to revive their perspective on deep partnership and worship. —Sara Hagerty, Author of Every Bitter Thing is Sweet

It is an honor to recommend this amazing resource! In a time of great confusion and unnecessary complexities this book draws a distinct arrow to the heart of Jesus and truth of the Bible! We ought to believe day and night for a restoration of families to their intended design . . . and yet know it starts with each one of us! —ANDY BYRD
Co-founder, Fire and Fragrance Ministries / Circuit Riders

Mike and Anne have crafted a tremendous tool to help you navigate your courtship skillfully. Their wisdom will prepare you for a loving marriage filled with joy and hope—with Jesus at the center. I recommend this one highly!” —Bob Sorge, Author of Secrets of the Secret Place

About the Author

Mike and Anne Rizzo have been in pastoral ministry for over 35 years and currently serve as directors of Marriage and Family Ministries at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. They carry a passion for personal mentoring, teaching, and raising up marriages that exalt the name of Jesus. Mike and Anne have three grown children and two grandchildren, and are the authors of Vertical Marriage: A Godward Preparation for Life Together and Longing for Eden: Embracing God’s Vision in Your Marriage.


  1. Introduction: Are We Ready for Marriage?
  2. Purity Pledge
  3. 1: Covenant or Contract
  4. 2: Let’s Build a Marriage
  5. 3: Evaluating the Relationship
  6. 4: Marital Vision
  7. 5: God’s Amazing Design
  8. 6: Husband and Wife Roles and Needs
  1. 7: Resolving Conflict
  2. 8: The Healing Journey
  3. 9: Loving God with Our Money
  4. 10: Sexuality in Marriage
  5. 11: Marriage within the Bridal Paradigm
  6. 12: A Fruitful Investment
  7. 13: Married in Exile