Understanding the Challenge of Islam Symposium

Islam is one of the greatest challenges facing the Church, yet few believers are equipped to present the gospel to Muslims. Only one missionary for every 420,000 Muslims is at work in Islamic communities and countries.

However, while the Church has been reluctant to engage Muslims, Muslims themselves are quite active in their own form of evangelism and are unafraid to engage Christians.  The growing presence and activism of Muslims in countries once considered predominantly Christian (e.g. U.K., Germany, Belgium, Netherlands) is creating tension and engendering fear. How should the Church respond to Muslim people and to the goal of Muslim fundamentalists to Islamicize the West?

Islam holds to doctrines that directly confront some of the most essential tenets of the Christian faith. It is imperative that Christians have an in-depth knowledge of both Muslim and Christian thought, doctrine, and scripture, but this is often not the case.