How to Read the Psalms

by Samuel Whitefield
4 weeks ago

Depth, wonder, prophecy, and song—all are found in the book of Psalms. Samuel Whitefield guides us through four perspectives that can help deepen our appreciation of the Psalms.

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How Understanding the End Times Can Change Your Life

by Stuart Greaves

The Bible contains real knowledge of the end times that can influence how we live today. Learn more about how these life-changing truths can overcome fear and confusion.

Our Top 10 Blogs of 2022


What do Israel, the end times, and first love for God all have in common? They are among the topics that made it into our top 10 blogs list for 2022! Read on to see which blog came out on top.

Joy to the World: The Surprising Way of Love (Luke 1–2)

by Mike Bickle

During this Christmas season, take time to ponder on the obedience that Mary walked in as God's favored one and how following God’s leadership is key to loving Him.

The Glory of the NightWatch

by Stuart Greaves

What is the NightWatch, and what is its significance to the end times? Stuart Greaves elaborates.

The Life That God Calls Great

by Mike Bickle

What makes life great? Mike Bickle explains that God has a specific definition for what makes a life great in His eyes. These truths can also prepare us for the end times.

The Daniel Prototype: An Overcomer in Babylon

by Dean Briggs

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the darkness of the world? Dean Briggs shares how Daniel is a prototype for end-time believers, praying, receiving understanding of prophecies and visions, and overcoming while in Babylon.

The Revelation of the Desire of Jesus

by Daniel Lim

A deepening relationship with Jesus based on His desire for us transforms our heart and empowers us to obey Him.

Jesus’ Return Is Part of the Gospel

by Samuel Whitefield

The return of Jesus was the greatest hope of the New Testament church and her motivation toward holy living. It can be ours too if we embrace learning about it.

The Return to Our First Love

by Dana Candler

We all need to kindle our love for Jesus to not let it grow cold. Dana Candler shares her journey of loving Jesus first through changing times.

Ten Reasons Why We Must Study Biblical Eschatology

by Daniel Lim

Confused about the end times, or just seeking more wisdom about what will happen when Jesus returns? Daniel Lim offers reasons and encouragement to study the end times.

Accepting the Responsibility of Godly Leadership in Uncertain Times

by David Sliker

At a time of great transition in the world and the Church, God is raising up a new kind of leader that seeks Him first above the approval of men and the shifting winds of culture. David Sliker shares about this growing movement.

My Hope for This Generation

by Daniel Brown

There is hope for teens to experience God and minister to others this summer in a fun and high-energy environment. Find out more about Awakening Teen Camps!

Why Send Your Children to Camp?

by Lenny La Guardia

Lenny La Guardia shares how Signs & Wonders Camps help children know and love God.

Coming Kingdom Restoration: God’s Witness and the Restoration of the Land

by Daniel Lim

As the gospel of the kingdom spreads rapidly around the globe, we must pay attention to its significance as a timing indicator for the restoration of the kingdom to Israel. Daniel Lim links current trends to biblical prophecy.

Coming Kingdom Restoration: God’s Heart for the Restoration of Israel

by Daniel Lim

What does God's kingdom coming to Israel really look like, and how do Jesus' words about it relate to us today? Daniel Lim gives us some indicators and ways to position our hearts.

The Eternal Glory of the Bride of Christ

by Daniel Lim

The eternal glory of the Bride of Christ is a manifestation of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary and a direct answer to Jesus' prayer in John 17.

The Day of His Mercy

by Samuel Whitefield

As history goes on, one of the great challenges we face is that most of the Church knows very little about what the Bible says regarding the return of Jesus and the events that surround it.

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Our Top 10 Blogs of 2021


This year's top-ten-blogs list includes articles . . . from some of our senior leaders, Mike Bickle, Dana Candler, David Sliker, and Daniel Lim, as well as two blogs on raising children from John Chisholm.

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Joyful Reflection This Christmas


In our increasingly isolated world—whether due to technology, pandemics, or other things—connection is as important as ever.

Finding Joy in Advent

by Nayomi Thomas

Advent is less about the mechanics of our celebration and more about the seeking of the face of the God-man, who fully grasps the anguish you and I are feeling yet prevailed over it.

Refusing Partiality

by Dana Candler

As we grow in dependence upon God, knowing our weakness and yet receiving His strength, our love and gratitude unto God grow and expand.

The War against Intercession

by Samuel Whitefield

Don't underestimate the power of intercession. Gain fresh perspective to remain in the grace or press into it for the first time.

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Five Reasons to Value Studying the End Times

by Mike Bickle

Mike Bickle challenges believers to gain understanding of the end times and to prepare for the pastoral challenges that are coming.

Eight Common Reasons People Don’t Study the End Times

by Daniel Lim

Daniel Lim challenges misconceptions about studying the end times and calls believers into God's mature love, embracing both His justice and mercy.

Why Singing?

by Samuel Whitefield

In Samuel Whitefield's own words, "the Bible repeatedly commands singing and predicts the Church will be a singing people in the most difficult hour of history." He explores in this blog why God uses singing in such a profound way in and for His Church.

Dads, Their Sons, and the ABCs of Emotional Intelligence

by John Chisholm

Believe it or not, happiness is tied to emotional intelligence. John advises fathers how to help their sons grow into mature, healthy men.

The Nobility of Barren Prayer

by Dana Candler

It's a myth that nothing is happening when we pray—even if we don't feel anything God is there, and He will respond!