The Heart of Songwriting

by John G. Elliott
4 days ago

The book is an encapsulation of years of writing and also wanting to help people (especially my fellow Christian songwriters) learn how to write a song that could be sung for decades and have that kind of memorability to it.

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Let Me Hear Your Voice

by Laura Hackett Park

He wants to listen to the sound of us talking, singing, and pouring out our hearts to Him. Doesn’t this make you want to talk and sing to Him more?

40 Days of Listening

by Adam Wittenberg

We don't want to miss Him in this hour, so we're taking a break from our normal rhythms to seek Jesus first over all things.

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A Season to Slow Down: The Next Step in Our Reset

by Dean Briggs

We don’t want to miss what God has for us in this season, and we’re believing Him to speak in some special ways, as we witnessed Him move at the last Onething conference.

Looking to God for the New

by Fia Curley

As children of God we actually don’t need a Control+Z button, because we have God.

A Battle Hymn of Joy

by Fia Curley

In the Bible there are many names the Lord gives Himself. Each and every name helps us grow in the…

Giving God Our All without Pretense

by Juliet Canha

We are fully accepted in Christ! He's chosen each one of us before He laid the foundations of the world.

Worship Leaders Need Regular Silence

by Justin Rizzo

The solitude we need is not simply being alone, but being alone with God.

When God Resets a Life

by Fia Curley

The One who appeared as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night can still calm the weary heart and racing mind with just a whisper.

The Ongoing Invitation to Know Him

by Sarah Watne

This is our gift as sons and daughters—that we have the privilege of connecting with Holy Spirit every day of our lives to know the true and never-changing heart of God.

The Eternal Gift of Christmas

by Fia Curley

The words can fill us with wonder. It can all seem just a little too good to be true. Seemingly…

Find a Penny, Pick It Up

by Selenia Vera

This one lowly penny depicted so clearly to me His love for the preciousness of every person and so vividly illustrated to me this truth.

Cultivating a Lifestyle of Prayer: Matt Candler Shares about Intro to IHOPKC

by Adam Wittenberg

Our end goal is that people would grow in treasuring His Word, enjoying prayer, and loving His return.

Calling a Ceasefire: Mending the Generation Gap in the Church

by April Suits

The Father in heaven wants desperately to see His children functioning as a true family.

God Brings Freedom—A Testimony from Hope City

by Richy Bickle

We are a privileged people in this generation to experience ministry in the context of daily prayer with worship.

Emboldened to Pray Continually

by Sada Rogers

I was struck yet again with the power and beauty of a people gathered at three o’clock in the morning to worship the Lord and minister to Him.

Answering the Call to Go Deeper—Rachel Faagutu’s Onething Experience

by Adam Wittenberg

It’s one of the most powerful encounters I’ve ever had. . . I haven’t actually lived the same since.

Worship Your Way into the New Year

by Adam Wittenberg

There’s a blessing in seeing believers from across the Body of Christ united in praise and worship.

Gratitude as an Escort and a Weapon

by Dale Anderson

Let’s take some time to tell one another the stories, the moments of God’s goodness in our lives.

Unity, Presence, and Power: Jon Thurlow shares about Onething 2018

by Adam Wittenberg

We’re going to be coming together as a group of people and actually wait on the Lord; we want the Holy Spirit to lead these three, four days.

Time to Focus on One Thing

by Adam Wittenberg

What if the Lord is slowing us down, causing us to focus on what matters most—the kingdom, reign, and glory of His Son?

Inquiring of the Lord—Posturing Ourselves for Success

by Selenia Vera

King David longed for many things, but he understood the truth of where success and value would be found.

Marked at Onething for One Thing: Jaye Thomas on Encountering Jesus

by Adam Wittenberg

What would God do if we really came together in unity of heart—with one purpose and one focus and one vision? What would God show us? What would He speak?

Fulfilling Your Calling: Times of Testing and Maturing

by CJ Reynolds

When God’s not speaking is often because you’re in a time of testing and maturing, which is the preparation for your transition into another season.

Crisis and Revival: Corey Russell Shares His Heart for Onething

by Adam Wittenberg

We are past the hours of just having a nice conference. God is doing something here. God is saying something here. He’s releasing something here that I believe is important for you.

Why This Is Our Last Onething Conference for Some Years

by Mike Bickle

What if God interrupted our plans? What if the Holy Spirit took over? What if we lavished our affection and attention on Him above all other concerns?

이것이 앞으로 몇 년간 마지막 원띵 집회인 이유
마이크 비클

by Mike Bickle

What if God interrupted our plans? What if the Holy Spirit took over? What if we lavished our affection and attention on Him above all other concerns?


by Mike Bickle

What if God interrupted our plans? What if the Holy Spirit took over? What if we lavished our affection and attention on Him above all other concerns?