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When the One Who Knows You the Best Loves You the Most

What would your life look like if you were deeply confident of God’s love for you? Do you believe God is love but don’t really feel loved? When your weaknesses are all you can see, God invites you to dive in to His nature and discover His true heart toward you. Be freed to stop striving and to live with courage — energized and satisfied in His love and ready to walk out the joyful gospel.

With powerful stories from his own past and the Bible, author Daniel Hoogteijling uncovers the difference that discovering God’s love for us personally makes in our daily experience of life as a Christian. A wrong picture of God keeps us from relationship and the joys of intimacy with Him. But when we understand what God is like and how He sees us, we find the freedom to grow in God while being loved by Him as we are. This honest, direct, and gracious invitation to trust God’s love will shatter shame and revolutionize your Christian walk. Come find out that the One who knows you the best also loves you the most, and live in that confidence!


  • Daniel Hoogteijling


  • Forerunner Publishing

Publish Year:

  • 2019


We love God because He has first loved us—and the depth of our devotion to Him will always be directly related to how much we genuinely behold His heart for us. In this wonderfully inspiring new book, Daniel invites us to refresh our view of God, and in particular, our perception of how He sees us. Whether a long-time believer or brand new to the Christian faith, these life-giving pages invite us into a deeper encounter with the God who truly delights in His children. —Matt Redman
Worship Leader/Songwriter

Daniel Hoogteijling has an amazing ability to share the truths of the gospel in a way that melts the heart. Prepare to receive the love of God in a way that makes His affections accessible, meaningful, and life changing. You’re about to see your heavenly Father in a marvelously new way. —Bob Sorge
Author, Secrets of the Secret Place

Daniel’s life has continually modeled a courage and obedience that is a modern picture of the biblical gospel! Sacrifice and joy flowing from a deep intimacy with Jesus. Passion fueled by deep love from and towards Jesus! —Andy Byrd
Co-Founder, Fire and Fragrance Ministries, YWAM Kona

Staying connected to the love of our Father in heaven is a lifeline and anchor that determines the direction of our life decisions. Daniel’s book, Loved, is a must-read for anyone who needs to ask the question, “Does God really love me?” and get truly connected to the Father. Using his own journey, Daniel helps to uncover the questions we all have that can hinder our connection, and he simply but powerfully declares the truth that can restore us! I highly recommend this book!—Laura Hackett Park
Worship Leader/Songwriter, IHOPKC

I have known Daniel since he was a teenager. In all the intervening years the pursuit of intimacy with God has been his magnificent obsession. This wonderful book is the fruit of that pursuit. It is full of revelation and insight into the amazing love of God. Reading this will inspire, challenge, comfort, and heal you. —Mike Pilavachi
Founder and Director, Soul Survivor

We have a great God and a great gospel. So much of the time we hide in the shadows of shame and distance. What my friend Daniel has written in this book will shatter that shame by inviting you into the exhilarating nearness of the Father who loves you in spite of your failures, just because you’re His own. —Lou Engle
Founder, The Call


About the Author

Daniel Hoogteijling is a missionary, international speaker, and scuba diver. He loves to help people find confidence in God’s love and courage to go wherever He leads. Originally from the Netherlands, he and his wife, Marlies, have served with Soul Survivor in Europe, on the mission field in Kenya, and in leadership at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City. They and their three children are based in Kona, Hawaii, with Youth With A Mission.


  1. Part 1: Discovering the Love of God
  2. 1. It Takes God to Love God
  3. 2. The Wrong Picture
  4. 3. Defined by the Father
  5. 4. The Father Revealed
  6. 5. The Father’s Affirmation
  7. Part 2: Experiencing the Love of God
  8. 6. Love’s Beginning
  1. 7. Love’s Test
  2. 8. Love’s Assurance
  3. 9. Loved in Weakness
  4. 10. A Different Perspective
  5. Part 3: Learning to Love
  6. 11. Love, the Way of Holiness
  7. 12. Loving Well
  8. 13. Loving God


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