Equipping Children to be Wholeheartedly Devoted to God
Who We Are

The CEC’s core mandate is to establish a culture that equips and releases children to be devoted to God and live in His love.

At the heart of the Children’s Equipping Center is our mandate to encourage, teach, and equip children to be devoted disciples of Jesus. Our desire is to see our children enjoying deep fellowship with God in His love and choosing to love, serve, and obey Him with all their heart, as they grow in the knowledge and love of God.

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Support and Equip Families

The Malachi 4:6 mandate of the Children’s Equipping Center guides our value to support and equip families in their biblical, primary role of raising godly children.

Cultivate Passion for Jesus

By equipping children with knowledge of the Bible, teaching principles of enjoyable prayer, and providing an environment where children receive God’s love and express their love for God, children develop hunger and thirst for a deeper relationship with Him.

Equip the Next Generation

With the heart of the Father expressed through Jesus in Luke 18:16, our goal is to develop opportunities for children to be equipped to heal the sick through the laying on of hands; to prophesy, preach, and teach; to give from their heart to the poor; to worship; and to evangelize the lost.

"He is more than Sundays, and if you search for Him, you’ll find out He’s better than Xbox and TV—He is beautiful and the ultimate friend."
Samuel, CEC graduate

Upcoming Events & Camps

Encounter God in Your Family

Signs & Wonders Camps: Regionals

Various Dates

Various Cities

We are coming to cities around the world to train your children!

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Signs & Wonders Camps, KC: Camp 2

July 2–8, 2017

Camp and Training Center, Kansas City, MO

At our Signs & Wonders Camps, children are trained and released to be wholeheartedly devoted to God.

All of our camps include an overnight option for ages 8–12 and a day camp option for ages 6–12. Registration ends June 25th.

This camp runs concurrently with Children’s Ministry Conference, July 5–7.

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Children's Ministry Conference

Children’s Ministry Conference

July 5–7, 2017

During the IHOPKC Children’s Ministry Conference, we desire to equip and empower children, parents, and leaders to pursue the knowledge of God, passion for Jesus, and enjoyable prayer, and to contend for signs and wonders.

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Signs & Wonders Camps, KC: Camp 3—Little Edition Camp

August 1–3, 2017

Camp and Training Center, Kansas City, MO

At our Signs & Wonders Camps, children are trained and released to be wholeheartedly devoted to God.

The Little Edition Camp is for ages 4–5. There will be a parent orientation on August 1 before the camp day begins.

Registration ends July 26th.

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Help Us Impact A Generation

The Children’s Equipping Center is advancing the work of the Kingdom by equipping a generation to know Him and do His works. Your financial gift will do more than supply for its needs; the investment you make will produce an effect that begins with the children of this generation and ripples unto the ends of the earth and the return of Jesus Christ.

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