Student Ministries

Serving the International House of Prayer family and the church of Kansas City by calling teenagers into the radical lifestyle of holiness, justice, and love to which Jesus has called the Church; lending an invitation for teens to join us as we prepare through prayer and fasting for the end of the age when our blessed hope, Jesus Christ, will return to the earth

Student Ministries

Teen Ministry

Student Ministries serves the International House of Prayer family and the Grandview/south Kansas City area by calling teens to the radical lifestyle of holiness and love to which Jesus has called the Church.

Spheres of Ministry

International House of Prayer
Utilizing the gift of night-and-day prayer, it is crucial that we create a way for teenagers in this spiritual family to live the New Testament lifestyle of prayer, purity, and pursuing God. We want to see what can be produced in teens who are raised up in an environment of continual pursuit of God that honors spiritual passion and extravagant love for Him. Our challenge is to carefully nurture and connect our teenagers to the heart of God and what it means to play a part in the prayer movement.

Kansas City
We mobilize teams to help plant, equip, and serve campus-based outreach ministries throughout the junior and senior high schools of the city. Our aim is to establish prayer meetings, preaching meetings, and small groups. We desire to strengthen the church of Kansas City by winning new converts and raising up disciples with a vision to see their schools transformed by the power of the gospel.

Youth in the Prayer Movement

The Holy Spirit is awakening and inviting teenagers worldwide to engage with Him through prayer, a loving relationship, wholehearted worship, and obedience, leading to wholehearted devotion to Jesus in preparation for the Lord’s return.

The Church must apprehend the Lord’s inter-generational mandate in Malachi 4:6—turning the hearts of the fathers back to the children, and the hearts of the children back to the fathers. We have a responsibility to equip teens to take their place of leadership in the youth of the prayer movement.

There are four key ways to help this generation bear fruit that remains:

Connecting students to their primary identity in God as one who is both loved and a lover, having understanding that they are participants in God’s plans and inheritors of His promises, and knowing who they are in God—His beloved and His sons.

Connecting students to the God who loves them in their weakness and is interceding on their behalf to bring them into the full measure of righteousness, peace, and joy through grace and the Holy Spirit.

  1. There are truths about God that stir the heart to fascination. The truth about His great and glorious love expressed through the cross gives us confidence in our weakness. The revelation of the beauty and the tenderness of Jesus will inspire them to press on and not lose heart.
  2. We want to call teenagers who are bored and living in sin to the God of life and purity, so each would fight for true life on the inside, with a vision for intimacy without shame.

Connecting students to a lifestyle of prayer and fasting that enables them to partner with the heart of God and His purposes for the earth and abide in the vine by grace, remaining connected to the living waters of the Holy Spirit.

  1. A life of prayer and fasting empowers students to advance the kingdom of God in their own lives and the lives of those around them.
  2. A life of intercession positions each student to remain connected to the heart of Jesus and His leadership in a manner that equips them with understanding and wisdom for the days to come.

Connecting students to a lifestyle of service that satisfies their longing for relevance and impact, knowing that they are relevant even in the smallest effort, because Jesus values and remembers what they do.

Core Values

As the Lord’s return draws nearer, God has highlighted four standards of the heart that the Church must keep.

  1. A spirit of prayer in the life of the Church
  2. Holiness of heart (Sermon on the Mount lifestyle; Mt. 5–7)
  3. Extravagant giving to the poor
  4. Prevailing faith or confidence in God’s prophetic intervention: provision in need, protection amidst adversity, direction in time of darkness, and power in barrenness

Core Message

“For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.”
— Romans 14:17

In Romans 14:17, we find the nutrients and that feed, motivate, and empower night-and-day prayer. Continual prayer requires grace from heaven that increases through purity, revelation, and ongoing fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

These components of the kingdom of God shift our focus toward God; they are God-centered in nature, rather than being the man-centered issues of the soul that often dominate our prayer lives. By shifting the focus of our intercession to the issues that are on His heart, we connect to a heavenly perspective, positioning ourselves to receive heavenly wisdom and watch heavenly solutions unfold in His timing.

Righteousness: Sermon on the Mount lifestyle. Matthew 5–7 provides the framework of a holy lifestyle. This is the foundation of a life that abides in Christ and values the system of His kingdom.

Peace: Confidence in the leadership of Jesus during every season of life. Understanding the leadership of Jesus is a necessary component in sustaining prayer without an offended or “shakeable” heart during adversity.

Joy: Knowing the delight of a God who sacrificed His Son on our behalf, establishing us in intimacy with Jesus. When we are connected and alive in the inner man (strengthened with might; Eph. 3:16) through a revelation of the jealous love of Jesus, it causes our primary hope and identity to be found in Him.

“. . . in the Holy Spirit”: Seeking the power and manifestation of the Holy Spirit in every area of life; walking connected to the indwelling Spirit of God and expecting supernatural encounters as a normal part of life. Pursuing together an empowered heart in the place of prayer, the prophetic, healing, deliverance, and signs and wonders from heaven. Looking for power encounters with God that dramatically shift and empower churches and impact regions.

Awakening Teen Camp

Our annual Awakening Teen Camp (ATC) goes deep into the key themes of loving Jesus with a lifestyle of prayer, worship, justice, and missions. ATC is for students ages 12–18 who want to know God and be awakened to the joy of impacting their generation with His power.

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