Gifts of Stocks

Gifts of Stocks

Giving appreciated securities, including stocks and bonds, is an easy an tax-effective way for you to make a gift to the International House of Prayer to advance the legacy of the 24/7 prayer movement to help complete the great commission. Some of the benefits of gifts of stocks and bonds include avoiding capital gains tax on sale of appreciated stock, deducting charitable income tax, furthering your favorite cause’s mission today, and creating a lasting legacy impact

How to give stocks to IHOPKC?

We are currently partnering with the National Christian Foundation and the Signatry Foundation to process the stock donation form. Please fill out the form and email it to:

Click Here for the National Christian Foundation stock donation form

Click Here for the Signatry Foundation stock donation form

For assistance with giving stocks, please contact the IHOPKC Legacy planning office by calling (816) 763-0200 x.5001 or emailing