Student Testimonies


I am so thankful for my time at IHOPU. To me, this school is one of the most unique places on earth. By having all its schools centered around a 24/7 prayer room, IHOPU has served as an environment where both my mind and heart can grow. After two and a half years of being a student, I have found that I am not only gaining understanding and knowledge about Scripture, but I am also gaining love for the Man I am studying.

Spending time in the prayer room, which is one of our class requirements, has helped me process the information I am learning in class as I turn my studies into conversations with God. This consistent dialogue with God has caused my heart to love Him more. It is a great environment for a Bible student to be in!

At Forerunner …

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I came to IHOPU in 2012, right after finishing my bachelor’s degree in broadcast at one of the best universities in China. However, it is here at Forerunner Media Institute that I gained technical knowledge for both media communication and webstream (even more than I had learned in the previous four years), and also gained vision to be a media messenger, proclaiming the gospel through media.

Forerunner Media Institute has given me access to all kinds of equipment to do interviews, studio TV shows, and live webstreaming. In an environment of trust, inspiration, and encouragement, the instructors not only train us in a professional capacity, but also equip us with vision to proclaim God’s truth through media and with knowledge of the Word in the context of a house of prayer.

I have greatly enjoyed the rich variety of experience I have gained from …

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My past two years at Forerunner Music Academy have been nothing short of life-changing. I was raised in a Christian family, so before coming here I had my own personal walk with Jesus and even felt like I knew Scripture pretty well. But if there’s anything I have learned in my time here, it’s that “God is great, and we do not know Him” and that “His greatness is unsearchable” (Job 36:26; Ps. 145:3). My classes have thrust me into searching out the heart of the Lord through friendship and dialogue with Him through His Word, and it has changed my life.

What has probably impacted me the most, though, is getting to apply what I’m learning in my classes to our harp and bowl lab classes. Having the opportunity to play my instrument, sing the Word, and seek the Lord with my …

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The Lord led me to enroll in the Fire in the Night internship in the fall of 2010. As I sat in the prayer room through the night, the Lord moved on my heart in a way that I had never before experienced. I found myself weeping, night after night—He was doing a deep work of healing in me. Yet upon completing the internship, I knew that my journey in God had only just begun. I needed time to develop a life dedicated to Scripture and prayer. My heart so longed for this. Thus, it made sense to attend the Forerunner School of Ministry at IHOPU, and God has wonderfully blessed this decision.

As I write, I am in my senior year at IHOPU. I am amazed at how the Lord has led my heart and life these last four years. He has marked me …

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