A Letter Regarding COVID-19

by Mike Bickle

Here at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City, we are not only closely watching developments around COVID-19, we are responding aggressively in full compliance with directives from local and national officials.

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Inconvenience and Sacrifice

by Juliet Canha

Fasting can quicken our spiritual breakthrough and curb the appetite for other things. Will you engage in fasting to get more of God?

Loving God’s Work

by Fia Curley

God is faithful even in hard times. He has a plan to bring us through.

Discipleship and Prayer in Preparation for Fullness

by Dean Briggs

As we look at the most massive, coordinated, strategic prayer movement happening across the earth, we must ponder: What is coming? How close are we to a fullness moment?

The Warfare in Celebration

by Fia Curley

When we remember His goodness and His past deeds, we add joy to the journey and our eyes are opened to see what He's doing in our present situation.

Kindling a Heart of Prayer

by Fia Curley

In this world that is far from perfect, He lifts our heads and heals our eyes to see His perfect nature and the perfection He will one day bring.

Carta abierta al movimiento de oración y al movimiento profético

by Mike Bickle

What if God interrupted our plans? What if the Holy Spirit took over? What if we lavished our affection and attention on Him above all other concerns?