We are past the hours of just having a nice conference. God is doing something here. God is saying something here. He’s releasing something here that I believe is important for you.

Crisis and Revival: Corey Russell Shares His Heart for Onething

by Adam Wittenberg
10/29/18 Onething

In light of the Onething reset and present crisis and revival in our world, Corey Russell calls this time a kairos moment—one that requires a response from the Body of Christ.

“Both the crisis and the revival are here,” says Corey, a senior leader at International House of Prayer of Kansas City. Rather than mere hype about a conference, Onething is a gathering for believers to seek the Lord and encounter Him about this hour of history.

“I know for me, Hosea 10 verse 12 is screaming right now in this hour,” Corey says.

Sow for yourselves righteousness; reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground, for it is time to seek the Lord, till He comes and rains righteousness on you. (Hosea 10:12, emphasis added)

There’s a “sobriety of the crisis that is already happening in the earth right now—the things that are happening in our culture, the things that are happening in the Church, the things that are happening globally. [There’s] sobriety but also the realm of faith,” Corey adds.

God is moving in the midst of great trials and pressures. There’s a call for His Body to hear His voice and seek Him in order to agree with His plan for this time. That’s the heart behind the Onething reset—shifting from focusing on big-name worship leaders and speakers to a conference based primarily on encounter with the Man Christ Jesus.

“I feel like we’re in that appointed, that kairos time to move from just games and nice conferences and nice festivals—that are all awesome—[because] we’re in a different hour of human history,” Corey says. “It’s now—both the crisis and the glory (the revival that we’re expecting). And that’s a game-changer. That puts you in a different posture, . . . a different [way of] engaging. And that’s the expectation that I feel [regarding Onething].”

With the aim of deep encounter, authenticity, and worship led by people that have been praying and worshiping all year, Onething is International House of Prayer’s annual year-end conference, December 28–31 in Kansas City. This prayer-saturated event welcomes people who are hungry to meet with God, helping create an environment where lives are changed.

Corey’s faith is certainly activated.

To anyone who’s even considering coming to Onething, Corey says, “Do it! We are past the hours of just having a nice conference. God is doing something here. God is saying something here. He’s releasing something here that I believe is important for you, and I believe its wisdom to take these four days; and I believe it will radically shift not only the next year but, I believe, the rest of your life.”

Are you hearing what the Spirit is saying to the Church?

Onething is four days of encounter with Jesus and ministry in the Holy Spirit’s power, December 28–31 in Kansas City. Come join us and bring your family, friends, and church. Group rates are available. Get more information >>

Adam Wittenberg


    A Detroit native who was raised in Vermont and Connecticut, Adam worked as a newspaper journalist until 2012, when he moved to Kansas City to complete the Intro to IHOPKC internship. Afterwards, he earned a four-year certificate in House of Prayer Leadership from IHOPU and is now on full-time staff in the Marketing department at IHOPKC. He also serves in the NightWatch (overnight prayer hours) and is active in evangelism. He, and his wife Stephany, have a vision to reach people everywhere with the good news of Jesus Christ.

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