Revelation ends with the wedding of Jesus and His bride—all born-again believers from throughout history—but do we think about that day?

Our Top 10 Blogs of 2022

1/10/23 Artists and Authors

2022 was a banner year for blogs with topics ranging from “The Glory of the Nightwatch” by Stuart Greaves and “The Eternal Glory of Christ’s Bride” by Daniel Lim to Dana Candler sharing on “The Return to Our First Love for Jesus” and Mike Bickle describing “The Life That God Calls Great.” Our top-ten list also includes IHOPKC authors Dean Briggs, David Sliker, and Samuel Whitefield. Join us as we reflect on the top ten blogs IHOPKC published in 2022!

10. “Ten Reasons Why We Must Study Biblical Eschatology,” by Daniel Lim

Daniel Lim gives ten solid reasons to study the end times, including learning more about who Jesus is and being motivated to witness and finish the Great Commission. “The return of Jesus Christ to the earth as He promised is both a great day of glory and a terrible day of judgment that has profound implications for how we live our lives even now.”

9. “Jesus’ Return Is Part of the Gospel,” by Samuel Whitefield

“If we only speak of His first coming without including His second coming, our gospel message is incomplete,” Samuel Whitfield writes. The early church called the return of Jesus their greatest hope. This should all the more be true for us today.

8. “The Return to Our First Love,” by Dana Candler

Have you ever felt that you lost your passion for Jesus, that your heart wasn’t (or isn’t) as alive as it once was? Dana Candler shares her journey of finding, losing, and reigniting her first love for Jesus. “First love for Jesus begins when the God-given tasting of His beauty and worth awakens a holy desire in us that refuses to be comforted except with God Himself.”

7. “Joy to the World: The Surprising Way of Love (Luke 1–2),” by Mike Bickle

Mike Bickle takes time at Christmas to ponder the obedience that Mary walked in as God’s favored one and how following the Lord’s leadership is key to loving Him. “Just like Mary, we must choose to trust God’s leadership in how He releases His promises in our life.”

6. “The Day of His Mercy,” by Samuel Whitefield

Many times we are tempted to judge the wicked, but we can plead for God’s mercy to be released instead. This has significance both now and for the end-time church. “If we understand the judgments of the Lord but do not understand the day of mercy that precedes those judgments, we have an incomplete understanding of the Day of the Lord.”

5. “Accepting the Responsibility of Godly Leadership in Uncertain Times,” by David Sliker

Leadership is a challenge as the earth transitions toward the unique pressures and dynamics of the end times. David Sliker challenges us to embrace models of leadership based on depth in the Word, wisdom, and following God’s ways above man’s. “We need godly leaders, young and old, male and female . . . to rise up and accept the responsibility of leading and serving the saints of God in times such as these, with even greater challenges yet to come.”

4. “The Daniel Prototype: An Overcomer in Babylon,” by Dean Briggs

If the days seem dark, they’re probably no more so than in ancient Babylon. Dean Briggs draws strength from Daniel’s story to encourage us to live as overcomers amidst pressure and adversity. “As the Lord’s return draws near, the Bride of Christ will find herself increasingly surrounded by hostile forces, decadent culture, and increasingly pagan and lawless societies.”

3. “The Life That God Calls Great,” by Mike Bickle

Some think a great life is having a big ministry impact or long list of accomplishments, but Jesus paints a different picture in the Sermon on the Mount and His teaching in John 13–17. Join Mike Bickle for a walk through Jesus’ definition of greatness. “I have prayed over the years, ‘Lord, shock me now. Do not shock me then. Tip me off now. I want to know what kind of lifestyle it is that You call great.’”

2. “The Eternal Glory of the Bride of Christ,” by Daniel Lim

Revelation ends with the wedding of Jesus and His bride—all born-again believers from throughout history—but do we think about that day? “The eternal glory of the Bride of Christ is a manifestation of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary and a direct answer to Jesus’ prayer in John 17,” Daniel Lim writes in this popular blog.

And the most popular IHOPKC blog published in 2022 is:

1. “The Glory of the Nightwatch,” by Stuart Greaves

The NightWatch (praying in the overnight hours) is both mysterious and glorious. Stuart Greaves draws on his more than two decades of praying from midnight to 6am to help us understand the call to support and join with those meeting Jesus in the night. “The presence of the NightWatch points to the cry emerging at the end of natural history for Jesus to return. It’s also a call to cast off all works of darkness and come to full agreement with the truth.”

Thanks for joining us for the adventure of 2022! We hope you’ve enjoyed this top-ten list as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. We look forward to bringing you even more relevant, focused articles in the days ahead.

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