I really wanted to create something that was for every believer—to have confidence that Jesus has given each and every one of us the power to overcome darkness and to pray for others to receive a breakthrough.

Power to Deliver: A Practical Ministry Manual

by Stephen Beauchamp
2/18/19 Artists and Authors

An interview with Stephen Beauchamp by Adam Wittenberg.

Drawing from his twenty-year experience in deliverance ministry, Stephen Beauchamp’s new Power to Deliver Ministry Manual is designed to help believers across the Body of Christ understand and operate in deliverance ministry.

Serving as both a companion to Power to Deliver, his 2015 book on deliverance, and as a stand-alone resource, the manual includes practical tools to help Christians walk in freedom and minister it to others.

Here, in his own words, Stephen shares the purpose of the manual, which is available now from Forerunner Publishing.

Question: What motivated you to write this?

Stephen Beauchamp: The manual is a practical handbook of how to do spiritual deliverance ministry. I’ve long desired to produce a resource that would be a very hands-on, step-by-step ministry tool for those who were experiencing demonic influence. That could be on a personal level or for someone who’s in need of team ministry, and it also covers those who may be at a point where they are unable to pray, read the Bible, or worship without some level of demonic influence. It covers every level of demonic influence—oppressed, tormented, and demonized or dominated.

The way you approach each level is different, and it’s in the deliverance manual that I write this out and give someone steps and tools in how to deal with each level.

Q: Who would benefit from it?

SB: People all across the Body of Christ: those who feel the call to the deliverance ministry; those who know someone who is in need or under the influence of a demonic spirit; pastors and teachers who would like to grow in their knowledge of the spirit realm and what the Bible says about spiritual warfare; inner-healing and counseling ministries that often encounter demonic influences and need more training in how to deal with them; and anyone looking to strengthen their pastoral approach in meeting the needs of the Church.

Q: Are all Christians called to cast out demons?

SB: I believe everyone is called to cast out demons and set people free. I would like as part of my legacy to be known as someone who trained as many people as possible how to deal with demonic influence and set the captive free. I’ve always desired to see the people of God have a heightened awareness of spiritual warfare and the reality of the influence of darkness, and how to not only set themselves free but to help deliver others according to Isaiah 61:1—“the Spirit of the Lord is upon me . . . to proclaim freedom to the captives.”

I believe it’s an assignment. It’s an anointing. It’s a calling. However, there will be some who are called to minister in deliverance ministry in a full-time, deliberate way, which is a very distinct calling.

The manual was created to both help those without any knowledge and guide those who may have some experience but are still looking for answers in some of the deeper, more complicated deliverance situations.

Q: What resources does it include?

SB: I add some solid teaching on the front end, addressing issues such as: what a stronghold really is, can a believer have a demon, the issue of generational curses, soul ties, and breaking the power of witchcraft. I give brief teachings on each of these subjects in order to bring clarity for those ministering, when they come up against those issues, and there are specific prayers within the manual that are specifically geared to praying into those types of situations. The manual is a coach. It gives you the guidelines and tools, and really helps you take a person through a very thorough deliverance ministry that’s biblically based and theologically sound.

Q: What’s distinct about your manual?

SB: While there are many deliverance ministries out there, and many wonderful leaders who operate in deliverance, I still believe there needs to be a revolution in the way we present and operate in deliverance ministry. For so long it’s been perceived as only for the specialist or those who operate in high levels of discernment and power.

There’s still a lot of teaching out there that is not theologically sound. It encourages people to talk to demons or suggests that things are evil spirits which are not evil spirits, addressing certain things that are unnecessary or being done in the wrong context. These are the reasons I wanted to write a manual, to help these types of mistakes to not happen anymore and to keep people from being hurt further. I really wanted to create something that was for every believer—to have confidence that Jesus has given each and every one of us the power to overcome darkness and to pray for others to receive a breakthrough.

Q: What kind of feedback have you received?

SB: So far it’s been great. I’ve had several friends who have been working in deliverance ministry for many years say that it’s one of the best step-by-step manuals on deliverance that they’ve ever seen. It includes a questionnaire, specific prayers, and teachings to help you understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. It’s very thorough. In the years that I’ve been in ministry, I never found a training manual that was so specific in terms of the step-by-step process, and that’s what I’ve heard from others as well. Specifically, people have commented on the manual’s ability to expose the various, specific areas a person could be under the influence of a demonic spirit.

Q: What do you hope people will gain from it?

SB: Hopefully people would gain a confidence in ministering to those who are in need of spiritual deliverance, and that they would be equipped, without feeling disqualified or inadequate; that this manual would make all believers in their calling to cast out demons, adequate to do so, to no longer live in fear or intimidation whenever the subject or issue of demonic activity arises. That in those moments, someone could take this manual and walk a person through a very healthy, Jesus-exalting, theologically sound time of ministry.

Q: Anything else you would like to say?

SB: The manual is very simplistic on some levels but also enters into a depth, so it appeals to every maturity level for those seeking to minister deliverance. It’s important to understand how the more in-depth confrontations of strongholds that are listed in the manual are utilized. The manual is not to be read in a monotonous, methodical manner. It serves as a foundation that springs us into a partnership with the Holy Spirit.

Right now I believe the Lord wants a healthy balance of the knowledge of the beauty of Jesus coupled with Jesus the Deliverer, who liberates the captives from the very real experience of demons and demonic influence. And even as darkness begins to grow in the earth, we are going to need to be clear on what we’re dealing with and have a true discernment between light and darkness. My hope is that this manual will help believers have that discernment in such an hour where there is so much darkness, and that it would help us avoid the very real potential of deception.

How confident are you in the area of deliverance ministry? How could you grow your confidence?

The Power to Deliver Ministry Manual is available now from the Forerunner Bookstore. Learn more >>

Stephen Beauchamp


    Stephen Beauchamp is part of the leadership of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City. Stephen serves as the director of Prophecy, Healing, and Deliverance at IHOPKC and the International House of Prayer University. He has been in deliverance ministry for 15 years and is the author of Power to Deliver: A Guide to Spiritual Warfare and Freedom. Stephen and his wife, Sage, are both graduates of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry and are itinerate all over the world spreading the message of spiritual revival.

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