Israel Mandate

Related Ministries

Pray for the Ministries We Relate to in Israel

Casting Seeds (Rick and Dafna)
A ministry centered around art as worship and intercession; hosts of Rick’s Fountain of Tears sculpture in Arad, Israel.
Ministry location: Arad

Dugit Messianic Outreach and Adonai Roi Congregation (Avi and Chaya)
A ministry sharing the good news of the Messiah to Israelis over a free cup of coffee. Adonai Roi is a community of Messianic believers who meet to worship, to provide food and clothing to needy Israelis, and to pray. Their VIP Prayer Tower invites believers from Israel and the nations to intercede and worship the Living God.
Ministry location: Tel Aviv

Final Frontier (Avner and Rachel)
Ministry revolves around worship, intercession, and teaching in community meetings, congregations, and conferences within Israel and among the nations. It also focuses on catalyzing the prophetic through teaching, roundtables, expression in creative arts, and studio recording of music (especially for young artists in Israel).
Ministry location: Beersheba, southern Israel

GOD TV, broadcasting from Jerusalem (Rory and Wendy)
Broadcasting the good news to over 200 nations.
Ministry location: Jerusalem

International Christian Embassy
With 100 representatives in the nations, they host gatherings to educate the Body of Christ to stand with Israel. The Jerusalem branch provides aid to the poor in Israel.
Ministry location: Jerusalem

Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations (Tom and Katie)
A house of prayer providing prayer resources, hosting convocations/conferences, and facilitating reconciliation amongst people groups. They are located in an Arab neighborhood.
Ministry location: Mount of Olives, Jerusalem

King of Kings Congregation and Jerusalem Prayer Tower (Wayne and Anne, Oded and Sandy, John and Tikvah)
English-speaking and Hebrew-speaking congregations, a 24-hour prayer tower, Kings Media School, Yuval Messianic School of Music and the Arts, and various associated activities.
Ministry location: Jerusalem

Mount Carmel Assembly (David and Karen, Peter and Rita)
Congregations in Hebrew, Russian, English, and Arabic, school of ministry/teaching/touring center, drug rehab house, single women’s house, food for the poor, retreat center, and outreach center.
Ministry location: Mount Carmel, near Haif, northern Israel

Revive-Israel (Asher and Betty)
A team of Israelis involved in evangelism, discipleship, and community life. Revive-Israel  directs a Hebrew-speaking discipleship center, training young Israelis to live life transformed in God. The team also supports the poor and holds Israeli youth retreats and has young adult small groups, a weekly congregation, and teaching in the nations.
Ministry location: Jerusalem

Succat Hallel (Rick and Patti)
A community that supports a 24/7 house of prayer, located near the City of David and the Old City. Succat Hallel welcomes short-term volunteers (one month minimum) and interns coming to serve.
Ministry location: Jerusalem

Tents of Mercy (Eitan and Connie)
A group of five congregations, a humanitarian aid center, a pro-life center, and a business school in the north of Israel.
Ministry location: Haifa, North Haifa, Acco, Tiberias, and Nazareth

Tikkun International (Dan and Patty)
A network for ministries around the world in relationship to each other, headed by Dan and Patty, who travel and teach in the nations, equipping leaders and serving those who are working for the restoration of the kingdom on earth.
Ministry location: Jerusalem and the nations

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