40 Days of Listening

by Adam Wittenberg
3 weeks ago

We don’t want to miss Him in this hour, so we’re taking a break from our normal rhythms to seek Jesus first over all things.

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Current Events

The Eternal Gift of Christmas

by Fia Curley

The words can fill us with wonder. It can all seem just a little too good to be true. Seemingly…

The Gospel Witness in the Midst of Racial Conflict

by Stuart Greaves

What we need in this hour is a narrative that transcends the left and the right, and that is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Refinding Christmas

by Charles A. Metteer, PhD

This fragile Toddler is the Lamb of God, the Lamb without spot or blemish, the Lamb that was slain, the Lamb in the midst of the throne.

Is the Film The Shack Heresy?

Is the Film, The Shack Heresy?

by Jono Hall

The Shack has ministered healing to the many millions who have read it, but, on the other side of the coin, has provoked a firestorm of criticism from those who call it heresy and false teaching and say it should be avoided in the same way as pornography.

Heralding Faithfulness from a Manger

by Fia Curley

Ultimately, the words prophesied by Isaiah will be our reality. Our great victor—who came in the form of a baby to a Jewish couple—will come again as King to restore all things.

The Gift that Keeps Giving

by Fia Curley

We can maintain hearts of joy and thankfulness for the gift we've been given in the Son of God, who is actively bringing about restoration.

Responding with the Love of Jesus

by Adam Wittenberg

The Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage will put pressure on the Church and refine it, bringing unity and greater love for Jesus.

A Supreme Call to Prayer

by Adam Wittenberg

In this hour of crisis, IHOPKC director Mike Bickle has joined the call of many national Christian leaders, urging believers to cry out to God for mercy on our land.

When Hope Invades the Inner City

by IHOPKC Staff Writer

Emotional stories of redemption and restoration are a daily reality at Hope City.

Forerunner Music Celebrates First Dove Nominations

by IHOPKC Staff Writer

Forerunner Music is celebrating the news this week that two of our albums have been nominated for the 45th Annual…

Testimony of Healing from Cancer

by IHOPKC Staff Writer

One Sunday morning in June, at the end of our Forerunner Christian Fellowship morning services, one small family group remained…