A Historic Fast for Israel


It’s historic: more than 1 million believers fasting and praying for Israel and God’s purposes for the Jewish people this May. Learn the whats and whys of this historic fast!

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Current Events

Joy to the World: The Surprising Way of Love (Luke 1–2)

by Mike Bickle

During this Christmas season, take time to ponder on the obedience that Mary walked in as God's favored one and how following God’s leadership is key to loving Him.

The Daniel Prototype: An Overcomer in Babylon

by Dean Briggs

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the darkness of the world? Dean Briggs shares how Daniel is a prototype for end-time believers, praying, receiving understanding of prophecies and visions, and overcoming while in Babylon.

Joyful Reflection This Christmas


In our increasingly isolated world—whether due to technology, pandemics, or other things—connection is as important as ever.

Finding Joy in Advent

by Nayomi Thomas

Advent is less about the mechanics of our celebration and more about the seeking of the face of the God-man, who fully grasps the anguish you and I are feeling yet prevailed over it.

My Open Letter to 2020

by Justin Rizzo

For so many of us, 2020 has been a difficult year full of challenges. But as we close out this year, Justin encourages us to reflect on the ways we've grown and celebrate the victories, both big and small.

A Child Is Born: Reflections on Incarnation and the Grand Plan of God

by Dean Briggs

It is so simple yet profound: God became a man. Dean Briggs invites us to take a deeper look at the meaning of the incarnation with a very personal application.

Give Thanks: Renewing Our Soul in the Goodness of God

by Dean Briggs

Worship frees us to commune with God. Let your soul be renewed as you take time to rejoice in His goodness and love.

The Goodness and Severity of the Lord

by Mike Bickle

Some Christians focus on God's love but not His severity, while Scripture clearly emphasizes both. A call to balance, or complete, our perspective.

Buying Gold in Times of Testing

by Dana Candler

Testing can produce mature love, which is the gold Jesus counsels us to "buy" from Him (Revelation 3:18). Let go of lesser things and cling to Him with new abandon!

Putting This Season into Perspective

by Mike Bickle

In shifting seasons we must focus on the unshakeable truths of what Scripture says is happening: birth pangs before the return of Christ, the birth of the millennial age, and the age to come.

Asleep in the Storm: Rest amidst Racial Conflict

by Stuart Greaves

In the midst of racial conflict, Stuart Greaves instructs us on how to let our souls rest in God through prayer, revelation, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We Want to Change the World, but We Hate Change

by David Sliker

We are caught in a desire for change yet get frustrated when circumstances change around us. How do we handle this wrestle? Learn from one man's journey and inner struggle.

Responding to the Crisis: Turning to the Words of Jesus

by Allen Hood

Do we shut down in the face of crisis, or allow Jesus to meet us there? Allen Hood shares his personal journey of responding to the Coronavirus /COVID-19 pandemic by clinging to the words in red.

Faith or Fear

by Audra Lynn

In shakings, our faith (or lack thereof) is revealed. Which path will we choose—fear or faith?

Clinging to God’s Promises in the Midst of Tragedy

by Corey Russell

Need hope in troubled times? One man's story of finding God in his darkest moments can encourage you.

Grace in the Process

by Mike and Anne Rizzo

God's Grace can sustain us as life goes from normal to quite different in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19). See how one man adapted.

Confessing the Risen Christ in You

by Dean Briggs

The power of life and death is in the tongue. How can confessing the risen Christ in you build your faith and help you overcome? Get fresh perspective this Easter!

Recovering from Loss and Disappointment

by Juliet Canha

Whether it's pain, shame, bitterness, or loss, the gospel offers hope and healing in Jesus' name.

The Confidence of the Gospel

by Isaac Bennett

It is the gospel of Jesus Christ that gives us confidence, not the praise of men. Hear the fresh call today!

Beholding the Beauty of Jesus

by Stuart Greaves

In the face of rising socio-political, moral, and spiritual pressures in the world, we need the beauty of Christ to keep our hearts burning with love no matter what we face.

A Letter Regarding COVID-19

by Mike Bickle

Here at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City, we are not only closely watching developments around COVID-19, we are responding aggressively in full compliance with directives from local and national officials.

Thoughts on Kanye West’s Recent Declaration That Jesus Is King

by Adam Wittenberg

A major celebrity declares, "Jesus is Lord" and proceeds to record an album entitled as this bold declaration. Should we draw comfort, be skeptical, or react otherwise to the news about Kanye West? Mike Bickle responds.

One Year Later: IHOPKC Has Changed since the Convergence

by Mike Bickle

Mike Bickle reflects on how IHOPKC has changed since the Convergence when 1,000 Chinese leaders gathered together with the IHOPKC family.