Power to Deliver: A Practical Ministry Manual

by Stephen Beauchamp

I really wanted to create something that was for every believer—to have confidence that Jesus has given each and every one of us the power to overcome darkness and to pray for others to receive a breakthrough.

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Ministry and Outreach

Until the Fame of Jesus Fills the Earth

by Adam Wittenberg

A praying Church, filled with praying people, is God’s vehicle for advancing His kingdom.

The Truth Our Teens Need to Know

by David Sliker

For youth leaders, the presence of Jesus is the most powerful “tool” in the youth ministry “toolbox.” It connects to…

Study the Anointing in Your Life

by Justin Rizzo

You can’t earn God’s anointing. It’s something that He has freely given to us and it flows from within as we agree with the Holy Spirit.

Becoming a Peacemaker in Our Broken World

by Adam Wittenberg

Instead of retreating in fear or hoping things will go back to the way they were, conflicts are a divine opportunity for those who know the Lord to make Him known.

Fostering a Culture of Hope

by Richy Bickle

Hope City is strategically located in the inner city of Kansas City, bring hope and healing to many as a ministry that intentionally combines prayer and missions to reach the lost.

God’s Work in the Next Generation

by Luis Cataldo

The world may look dark, but God is doing a great work among a remnant of young people across the globe who will stand firm in the midst of the pressure. And your prayers help impact them!

How to Overcome Strongholds

How to Overcome Strongholds

by Adam Wittenberg

When people hear “deliverance,” many things come to mind—but it all boils down to setting people free so they can live fully for God!

How to Lead Like Jesus

How to Lead like Jesus

by Adam Wittenberg

God is raising up men and women who will lead with boldness, diligence, and excellence, ministering to others with the Spirit and in the perseverance and humility of Christ. Are you one of them?

Blueprint Truths: Establishing a Stronger Ministry to the Next Generation

Blueprint Truths: Establishing a Stronger Ministry to the Next Generation

by Lenny La Guardia

Change is hard and most of us don't want to "rock the boat," but regular evaluations, done with the Holy Spirit, can help bring our work into alignment with the goals of the organization we serve, more effectively building God's kingdom.

God Is Writing His Letter on Your Heart - IHOPKC Blog

God is Writing His Letter on Your Heart

by Luis Cataldo

At IHOPKC, we get testimonies from all over the world talking about how the Lord is touching people. These emails don’t come with pictures, but they tell the stories of real people who are following Jesus with us.

Is Money Keeping You from Answering the Call?

Is Money Keeping You from Answering the Call?

by Rob Parker

When we partner with God's plan to provide for His workers, our calling will be focused and His kingdom will advance.

Anointing and Artistry

by Fia Curley

God Almighty is an artist; when He made us in His image, He created us with the same desire and ability to create beautiful things.

Three Myths That Keep Christians From Evangelizing

by Adam Wittenberg

(This is part 3 of a 3-part series on Tools for Evangelism.) Christians, even well-intentioned ones, can get things wrong.…

Simple Tools for Evangelizing

by Adam Wittenberg

(This is part 2 of a 3-part series on Tools for Evangelism.) Evangelism—it’s no longer scaring you (completely), and you’re…

Help for Struggling Evangelists (Part 1)

by Adam Wittenberg

(This is part 1 of a 3-part series on Tools for Evangelism.) Evangelism is probably scary for most us. Just…

Why Teens Need the Presence of God

by David Sliker

What does it mean to pursue and experience the “presence of Jesus”? Read more in this blog by David Sliker

Parenting Next Generation Lovers of God

by Patricia Bootsma

Be a Model Parents long for their children to excel in what really matters in life—loving God with all of…

Forerunner Evangelism: Engaging in the Great Commission


The Great Commission is worth our time and effort. Evangelism training sessions help many confidently engage others with the gospel.