Whatsoever Things Are Lovely

by Selenia Vera
2 days ago

We must be quick to replace every vain fleeting, racing thought. We mustn’t be paralyzed, doing nothing to silence them.

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Ministering in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Ministering in the Power of the Holy Spirit

by Adam Wittenberg

He’s powerful, but also controversial. The Holy Spirit is called the Comforter, Teacher, and the One who gives us power as we minister in Jesus’ name. Learn more of what Scripture says about walking in the gifts of the Spirit in this blog.

Stirring the Fire of First Love

by Dana Candler

We were never fashioned to live without a heart alive in passion for Jesus, and He desires to give us every grace to walk in that passion again.

Our Balm for the Sting of Rejection

by Fia Curley

Although rejection is a common occurrence in this life, we have a cure for its painful sting in the One who has drawn us into covenant. He sees all, knows all.

Igniting Spirit-Led Worship and Prayer

Igniting Spirit-Led Worship and Prayer

by Fia Curley

Before Jesus returns the Spirit is cultivating maturity in the church through ongoing adoration of our King through night-and-day prayer and worship.

The Power of God’s Emotions

by Adam Wittenberg

The Bible is not a textbook or list of rules, but a passionate love story of a God who is pursuing His children.

What Do We Do When Loving God Conflicts with Loving Our Neighbor?

by Dr. Michael L. Brown

It is only by loving and honoring God that we can truly love our neighbor, and no matter how difficult the pill might be to swallow, we must not dilute or twist a single word that He has spoken.

Where Your Warfare Is, There Will Be Your Inheritance

by Corey Russell

As I made the daily decision to come out of the chaos and confusion of what was surrounding us, lock eyes with Father, and cling to His affection and dream for our lives, we were strengthened to survive another day.

Living with Vision

by Fia Curley

That vision we have for the decades to come—who we're meant to be—will aid us when we stand before the Lord and give an account for how we used all that He blessed us with for His glory.

Freedom from Fear

by Isaac Bennett

As we believe that our Father is our provider, the fears of lack subside. As we believe that the Father is our judge, our fear of condemnation flees.

Finding Comfort and Hope in the Midst of Loss: Corey Russell Discusses His Latest Book, Inheritance

by Adam Wittenberg

For the first time in my life, I was unable to fix the situation; that, in and of itself, was my biggest struggle.

Becoming a Peacemaker in Our Broken World

by Adam Wittenberg

Instead of retreating in fear or hoping things will go back to the way they were, conflicts are a divine opportunity for those who know the Lord to make Him known.

The Power of the Tongue

by Dale Anderson

We all struggle with guarding our speech, but the tongue can also be used for great good. Take the journey from speaking death to speaking life.

Refresh, Reset, and Receive from the Lord

by Fia Curley

When we intentionally seek the Lord we are better positioned to learn from Him, become like Him, and do the works He did and even greater.

The Secret to Overcoming the Holiday Blues: Gratitude

by Nayomi Thomas

This holiday season, learn secrets to experiencing God's presence, above the busyness, stress, and blues. Let Nayomi Thomas' personal journey and vulnerability enlighten you.

God over Confusion

by Fia Curley

Life is full of confusing moments that tempt us to doubt the Lord, but God is faithful and able to keep us as He exerts His power over our lives.

Reading the Bible for All Its Worth

by Charles A. Metteer, PhD

We all want to receive things from reading the Bible: insight, revelation, wisdom, and guidance. Could it be that a humble heart is the way to read the Bible for all it's worth?

Wilderness of the Soul

Wilderness of the Soul

by Mike and Anne Rizzo

God doesn't leave us in the wilderness. He uses it as a season to strengthen our faith and conform us to His image. If you find yourself in a wilderness, you're not without hope!

The Secret to Prayer

The Secret to Prayer

by Samuel Whitefield

Like the disciples, many of us want to learn how to pray, but Jesus' first lesson about prayer was revolutionary.

"Seek and Ye Shall Find": Discerning God's Presence in Everyday Life

“Seek and Ye Shall Find”: Discerning God’s Presence in Everyday Life

by Charles A. Metteer, PhD

Finding God in ordinary tasks such as our schoolwork or job may not sound easy, but it can shift your perspective and grow your walk with God. Whether you're a busy mom or working 60-hour weeks in business, you'll want to read this latest blog from Dr. Charles A. Metteer.

Clinging to Truth During Life’s Trials

by Fia Curley

In this life, trials are commonplace, but God uses them to grow us as He moves us toward His best.

Should My Sons Go to the Coldplay Concert?

by Allen Hood

Christians, and especially parents, face the challenge of living in the world but not being of it. Allen Hood shares four principles for how he navigates this dynamic with his sons, ages 17–22.

Plunging into Intimacy with God

by Fia Curley

We were made for intimacy, but holding onto accusations about the past is a barrier to what the Lord has for His followers.

God Over All Grief

God Over All Grief

by Fia Curley

In the midst of moments of loss and grief, we have a High Priest who is able to heal and exalt Himself over every disappointment.