Becoming Part of God’s Answer to the Present Darkness

by David Sliker
22 hours ago

How do we engage this generation in crisis? How do we run the race to win?

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Training and Events

Ministry Training that Ignited Her Heart: An IHOPU Testimony

by Adam Wittenberg

“IHOPU teaches a lot about ministry: how to love people, how to speak, and how to minister to people. There’s active prayer (24/7) and ministry opportunities.”

The Indestructible Woman

by Rachel Faagutu

Leadership is about partnering with Jesus—learning from and leaning on Him.

Stirred for His City and Nation: An IHOPU Testimony

by Adam Wittenberg

I’m saying it doesn’t matter [what it looks like]; I just need to be someone who prays. If it has to be, send me in the secret place, in the place of prayer to contend for my country.

An Open Letter to the Prayer and Prophetic Movement

by Mike Bickle

What if God interrupted our plans? What if the Holy Spirit took over? What if we lavished our affection and attention on Him above all other concerns?

Her Heart Was Changed: An IHOPU Testimony

by Adam Wittenberg

I believe if you want to meet Jesus in the Scriptures, this is the right school for you.

Prophecy Is a Gift from God for His People

by Adam Wittenberg

The Lord can do so much through prophetic words: activate gifts, confirm direction, and comfort and strengthen His people.

The Way We End Our Race Matters Most

by Juliet Canha

Whenever we are yielded to the Spirit and motivated by His ways of love, we will enter His rest and glorify God.

The Healing Hand of the Lord Moves at Onething

by Fia Curley

Healing, clearly, is for today and not just something that happened in the past.

Never a Wasted Prayer

by Justin Rizzo

As I began to believe that even my weakest, most uninspired prayers counted, my ability and desire to persist in prayer increased.

Until the Fame of Jesus Fills the Earth

by Adam Wittenberg

A praying Church, filled with praying people, is God’s vehicle for advancing His kingdom.

Slowing Down to Hear God’s Voice

by Adam Wittenberg

If you’re struggling, know that God hasn’t left you. He’s not mad at you for being busy, but His heart may be calling you to slow down and step closer to Him.

The Heart behind Cory Asbury’s “Reckless Love”

by Adam Wittenberg

I just started experiencing the kindness of the Father, the goodness of the Father, in a way that I'd never experienced before.

Surrender—the Way to Hear God’s Voice

by Adam Wittenberg

Surrender flows as we begin to trust our heavenly Father, who is all knowing, the very definition of love, and always has our best interest at heart.

Growing in Prayer as a Young Adult

by Adam Wittenberg

I got more confident in His voice, and then I got more confident in my prayers. I also learned to trust God concerning my daily needs.

Eight Ways to Protect Children in Your Church

by Lenny La Guardia

The church is not immune to the potential for abuse or neglect of children.

Untie The Donkey, The Lord Has Need Of You

by Selenia Vera

He is in the business of untying donkeys—of breaking people free from that which holds you back.

Ten Ways to Grow as a Young Worship Leader

by Justin Rizzo

He has a beautiful journey for you, and being a worshipper is a key part of it.

Three Steps to Healthy Relationships with Overseers

by Lenny La Guardia

I pray that, as children’s ministry leaders, we not view our leaders as always opposed to us.

Loving God’s Truth in the Era of “Your Truth”

by David Sliker

The rejection of the Christian narrative has allowed for a secular narrative to take the dominant place in our culture and society.

Jesus, Everyone is Looking for You

by Selenia Vera

Woven into the fabric of who we were created to be, the infinite God created an infinite longing within us to be fascinated.

Train This Summer to be a Leader on Your College Campus

by Fia Curley

It really is such a significant part of the training—not just doing prayer meetings, but coming into a pre-existing pre-established culture of prayer.

How Singing the Word Strengthened My Faith

by Jaye Thomas

It’s not that God reveals new things about His character or person, so much as it is that our eyes are opened to see Him for who He is, causing our hearts to sing to Him about Him.

Storytellers for the Kingdom

by Jono Hall

If we are to persuade people to our cause, it is helpful that we have truth as our narrative and that we are persuaded by it.