3 Steps to Healthy Relationships with Overseers

by Lenny La Guardia
4 days ago

I pray that, as children’s ministry leaders, we not view our leaders as always opposed to us.

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Training and Events

Loving God’s Truth in the Era of “Your Truth”

by David Sliker

The rejection of the Christian narrative has allowed for a secular narrative to take the dominant place in our culture and society.

Jesus, Everyone is Looking for You

by Selenia Vera

Woven into the fabric of who we were created to be, the infinite God created an infinite longing within us to be fascinated.

Train This Summer to be a Leader on Your College Campus

by Fia Curley

It really is such a significant part of the training—not just doing prayer meetings, but coming into a pre-existing pre-established culture of prayer.

How Singing the Word Strengthened My Faith

by Jaye Thomas

It’s not that God reveals new things about His character or person, so much as it is that our eyes are opened to see Him for who He is, causing our hearts to sing to Him about Him.

Storytellers for the Kingdom

by Jono Hall

If we are to persuade people to our cause, it is helpful that we have truth as our narrative and that we are persuaded by it.

When the Lord Encounters Children through His People: How the Children’s Equipping Center Impacted My Life

by Selenia Vera

Before Jesus did anything, He invited the children to come to Him. CEC is simply following this example.

Drawing Closer to the Father’s Heart

by Fia Curley

As our slain lamb, good teacher, and gracious friend, Jesus readily displayed the true nature of the Father.

Imparting a Legacy of Prayer to Our Children

by Patricia Bootsma

As Jesus taught and modeled to His disciples a lifestyle of prayer, so must we as parents teach and model to our main disciples—our children—a life of prayer.

A Time of Breakthrough for Women of God

A Time of Breakthrough for Women of God

by Fia Curley

As women secure in covenant relationship with God and filled by His Spirit, we can have unwavering confidence in the power of God to bring about His promises for our lives.

Unwavering: Standing Steady Together

by Diane Bickle

There will be many moments in life that test us and tempt us to waver from our commitments, but when we rely on the strong love of God we are strengthened to remain unwavering.

Bringing Hope to the Inner City

by Adam Wittenberg

Here, you get to see your prayers happen. You see people set free from addiction.

From Persecution to Redemption

by Fia Curley

The Lord sees every moment, even the ones in which His children endure sins perpetrated against them. He pays close attention and was prepared for these moments even before they took place.

Whatsoever Things Are Lovely

by Selenia Vera

We must be quick to replace every vain fleeting, racing thought. We mustn’t be paralyzed, doing nothing to silence them.

A Beautiful Waste

by Sara Hagerty

Every ordinary minute of my day was slowly becoming an opportunity to encounter God’s unwavering gaze, this tenderness I’d not known so intimately before, when I was highly productive.

Stirring the Fire of First Love

by Dana Candler

We were never fashioned to live without a heart alive in passion for Jesus, and He desires to give us every grace to walk in that passion again.

Calling Forth the Modern-Day Deborah

by Linda Fields

As a believing woman in leadership, I want to apologize to women who didn’t see a compelling picture from mothers in the faith of the ecstasy and extreme fulfillment of being a confident woman in God.

The NightWatch: A Response to God’s Greatness

by Alisha Powell

24/7 worship and prayer, specifically praying through the night, makes sense when we have touched a little of who God is, when we see how worthy He is of unceasing adoration.

Encountering Our Bridegroom, King, and Judge

Encountering Our Bridegroom, King, and Judge

by Adam Wittenberg

The Holy Spirit is giving revelation of Jesus as the joyful Bridegroom, sovereign King, and righteous Judge to prepare the Church for the end times.

Encountering God: Cultivating Your Relationship with the Lord in Worship

by Sada Rogers

Worship is one of the many ways we grow in intimacy with the Lord, as we draw near to Him and learn of Him and His character. This is strengthened as we use His word as a conduit to worship.

Fake News, the Bible, and the Beauty of God

Fake News, the Bible, and the Beauty of God

by Jono Hall

There's a battle raging around news, truth, and the person of Jesus. What is God doing to address the challenge?

The Greatest Preparation for Ministry: Understanding God's Word

The Greatest Preparation for Ministry: Understanding God’s Word

by Amanda Beattie

Want to make a difference in the world? It starts with a foundation in the Word of God, the only hope and power to effect change.

How Does God Prepare Messengers?

How Does God Prepare Messengers?

by Aaron Phillips

God likes to form His messengers through a patient process, requiring much listening before speaking. In our fast-paced culture today, this still applies—perhaps more than ever. Find keys to greatness and biblical leadership in our latest blog.

Why Educate Yourself as a Christian

Why Educate Yourself as a Christian?

by Charles A. Metteer, PhD

Hunger points us to learning, something that, done in the right context, can yield a lifetime of fruit. Read a stirring perspective on education as a Christian in this blog.