These camps are designed to meet young people where they're at, provoke them to go deeper in the Lord, and guide them toward a lifestyle of serving Him to the end.

My Hope for This Generation

by Daniel Brown
6/7/22 Awakening Teen Camps

As a father of two children entering their teenage years, I think a lot about the world my kids will experience. Growing up today is challenging—perhaps more challenging than any decade in recent memory. The cultural climate is attacking our kids with darkness and confusion at younger and younger ages, and Christian teens are not immune. Before they enter adulthood, teens face questions most of us did not have to face in our growing-up years. This and the disruption of COVID-19 have proven that gone are the days when we could take things for granted. Without a firm foundation, the chaos breeds confusion.

Enter into this a Church that has her heart deeply divided. Jesus was talking to believers when He said that the love of many would grow cold. That is not the kind of future I want for my children—nor yours. As people who love Jesus, we are faced with a choice: feed our affections for Him or risk our fire going out.

For eight years, I have been privileged to be part of Awakening Teen Camps (ATC) at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City. These camps are designed to meet young people where they’re at, provoke them to go deeper in the Lord, and guide them toward a lifestyle of serving Him to the end. Year after year we hear meaningful testimonies, and I’d like to share a couple of them with you.

“ATC dramatically changed the way I viewed my faith and Jesus. From the leaders to the games and the worship sets, this camp drew me closer to who Jesus really was and His role in my life.” —Will

“One night during worship we began to pray for healing, and I raised my hand because my knees had been hurting for a while now. When they prayed over me, I really felt the Holy Spirit, and my knees began to shake. They asked me how my knees felt, and they felt like brand-new knees—all the pain was gone.” —Christine

“I thought all it would be were some music classes with worship and some games. I was wrong. Not only did I feel the Holy Spirit fill the building while we worshiped but I felt the Holy Spirit in a personal way.” —Daniel

Testimonies like these encourage me. I know the Lord is moving when families return year after year and campers are excited to be camp leaders once they reach adulthood. Our camps are staffed with people who love Jesus, are passionate about teens, and want to see a generation living fully for Christ. If that connects with you, then I want to invite you to send your teens to Awakening Teen Camps this summer! There’s no better time than now to invest and help them walk in their identity in Christ.

We’re hosting three camps this year with the theme of abiding in Christ (out of John 15:4–9). Our Junior High Camp (June 15–21) is a great opportunity for 12–14-year-olds to develop godly relationships and an identity rooted in Jesus while participating in many different activities and attending evening services. It’s always an amazing and fruitful time!

For ages 14–18, we’re hosting two camps. And this year, teens can attend both camps consecutively! The High SchoolWorship Academy (July 8–16) focuses on raising up prophetic singers, musicians, and intercessors who will impact their cities and regions. Campers can expect to improve on their instruments through worship labs and training while receiving a biblical understanding of prophetic worship. All skill levels are welcome.

The High School Impact & Leadership Camp (July 18–24) will equip teens in leadership and help them develop their passion for seeing the gospel go forth locally and abroad. Campers will be trained and then mobilized to engage in local neighborhood outreaches to shine the light of Jesus during their time with us.

All of our camps include classic ATC games, activities, and fun team-building exercises. The need for godly fun and relational connect has been highlighted all the more with the lockdowns and shutdowns of the past two years. This year, put your young people in a safe environment, one in which Jesus is King and their calling to lead others in ministry and worship is endorsed. We’ve seen timid students rise up and discover that they can sing, preach the gospel, and lead prayer meetings. We are passionate for this generation to be awakened to God‘s power, and we are delighted to partner with families to see it happen!

This summer we invite all teens to our camps in Kansas City for a week of transformation. We hope to see your teen there!

What is the best environment for your teen to grow in love for God this summer?

Teens can experience Jesus this summer at camps designed specifically for them. At Awakening Teen Camps in Kansas City, loving God and others isn’t just something we preach, it’s what we practice through hands-on activities, fun with friends, and training for ministry. Space is filling up fast at our junior and senior high camps. Register your teen today! >>

Daniel Brown


  • CBETS Executive Director

Daniel Brown and his wife, Beverly, are full-time intercessory missionaries at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City. After serving in IHOPKC’s youth ministry for 10 years, Daniel is now the director of the Center for Biblical End-Time Studies (CBETS) at International House of Prayer University.

From the context of day-and-night worship, Daniel and Beverly desire to see youth and young adults equipped to love Jesus, hear His voice, obey His Word, and live in the power of His Spirit to serve others. They have been serving in prayer, preaching, and youth ministry since 2007 and currently reside in Grandview, Missouri, with their son and daughter.

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