Be True to Yourself

by Mike and Anne Rizzo
19 hours ago

Being true to yourself is being true to following Christ, hearing His voice, and living for His glory.

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Artists and Authors

Singing the Bible

by Brandon Oaks

I believe by singing the Bible regularly you will witness God printing His Word on your heart in a powerful way.

The Deepest Thing about You

by Daniel Hoogteijling

If you don’t have a revelation of God’s love for you personally, you will strive to earn His love.

Power to Deliver: A Practical Ministry Manual

by Stephen Beauchamp

I really wanted to create something that was for every believer—to have confidence that Jesus has given each and every one of us the power to overcome darkness and to pray for others to receive a breakthrough.

The Heart of Songwriting

by John G. Elliott

The book is an encapsulation of years of writing and also wanting to help people (especially my fellow Christian songwriters) learn how to write a song that could be sung for decades and have that kind of memorability to it.

Let Me Hear Your Voice

by Laura Hackett Park

He wants to listen to the sound of us talking, singing, and pouring out our hearts to Him. Doesn’t this make you want to talk and sing to Him more?

The Gospel Witness in the Midst of Racial Conflict

by Stuart Greaves

What we need in this hour is a narrative that transcends the left and the right, and that is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A Beautiful Waste

by Sara Hagerty

Every ordinary minute of my day was slowly becoming an opportunity to encounter God’s unwavering gaze, this tenderness I’d not known so intimately before, when I was highly productive.

Stirring the Fire of First Love

by Dana Candler

We were never fashioned to live without a heart alive in passion for Jesus, and He desires to give us every grace to walk in that passion again.

Seven Tips for Leading Worship Without a Band

by Justin Rizzo

No matter how large or small the venue in which you’re leading, it is an honorable thing to stand before God and help usher people into His presence.

Ask Mike Bickle: The Forerunner Message and the Beauty of God

by Jono Hall

These three facets of Jesus as Bridegroom, King, and Judge sum up His Beauty.

What Do We Do When Loving God Conflicts with Loving Our Neighbor?

by Dr. Michael L. Brown

It is only by loving and honoring God that we can truly love our neighbor, and no matter how difficult the pill might be to swallow, we must not dilute or twist a single word that He has spoken.

Don’t Wait to Pour Out Your Prayers

by Dana Candler

We can’t wait to pray filtered words with right emotions. The key is not in the polishing but in the pouring.

Where Your Warfare Is, There Will Be Your Inheritance

by Corey Russell

As I made the daily decision to come out of the chaos and confusion of what was surrounding us, lock eyes with Father, and cling to His affection and dream for our lives, we were strengthened to survive another day.

The Journey of Fully Alive

by Jono Hall

There is a battle for truth in how we trust and relate to God. It is our desire that song would be a tool to advance the truth.

Finding Comfort and Hope in the Midst of Loss: Corey Russell Discusses His Latest Book, Inheritance

by Adam Wittenberg

For the first time in my life, I was unable to fix the situation; that, in and of itself, was my biggest struggle.

Study the Anointing in Your Life

by Justin Rizzo

You can’t earn God’s anointing. It’s something that He has freely given to us and it flows from within as we agree with the Holy Spirit.

The Power of the Tongue

by Dale Anderson

We all struggle with guarding our speech, but the tongue can also be used for great good. Take the journey from speaking death to speaking life.

Telling a Different Story: Jon Thurlow Discusses a New Album and Perseverance in Crisis

by Adam Wittenberg

Jon Thurlow's latest album, Different Story, took longer than expected, but the result is a refined work that is filled with hopeful anthems and musical excellence.

Sola Scriptura: How engagement with God's Word has transformed the church and the world in the last 500 years

Sola Scriptura: How engagement with God’s Word has transformed the church and the world in the last 500 years

by Daniel Lim

Scripture is living and active and its distribution throughout the last 500 years has led to dramatic shifts in the world as we know it. There is still more to come as the Lord emphasizes and distributes His Word in different ways and believers receive.

Worship in Spirit and in Truth

by Chris Tofilon

Worship is about the heart more than the setting, songs, or people around us. Find the freedom to worship wherever and whenever through this truth.

The Power of Live Worship

The Power of Live Worship

by Adam Wittenberg

Live worship from Onething—an annual gathering of 20,000 believers—has had a resounding impact, thanks to albums that highlight significant songs and moments. Learn more about this year's album in our latest blog.

God Owns, We Steward

God Owns, We Steward

by Rob Parker

Though God owns the world in its entirety, He graciously grants humanity the privilege and responsibility of managing His workmanship. What we do with our time, our stuff, and our lives matters—greatly. Learn more about stewardship in this blog.

Lauren Alexandria Speaks on Victorious in Love

Lauren Alexandria Speaks on Victorious in Love

by Adam Wittenberg

After years of leading worship at International House of Prayer, singer-songwriter Lauren Alexandria discusses her new EP, Victorious in Love, that takes listeners deeper into her heart—and God's.