For more than fifteen years, from September 19, 1999, to now, prayer and worship have continuously gone up from our…

Testimonies from the Prayer Room

2/28/15 Prayer

For more than fifteen years, from September 19, 1999, to now, prayer and worship have continuously gone up from our prayer room—twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, year after year, by the grace of God.

We are called to minister first to the Lord in love and worship, and to pray for Kansas City and the world. Each twenty-four-hour period is divided into twelve, two-hour prayer sessions, each led by a full worship team.

Night-and-day worship and intercession is at the core of the International House of Prayer (IHOPKC), and is central to our programs, activities, and outreach, including a full-time Bible school.

Prayer sessions (or sets, as we call them) weave together worship and intercession. Our prayer format combines the harp and bowl of the heavenly scene in Revelation 5, which speak of worship and prayer.

The prayer room is open to the public and all are welcome to come and go freely, and join in with the corporate worship and prayer, or read, study the Bible, journal, or engage in personal prayer.

Visitors to IHOPKC learn about the prayer room in varied ways.

Grace lived in Kansas City for ten years before hearing about IHOPKC and the prayer room. She arrived ready to pray about future decisions, but was surprised by what she experienced.

“I was shocked because I thought the prayer room was [going to be] quiet,” she said. “When I opened up the door there was [the sound of] drumming and people were walking around.”

More accustomed to quiet prayer meetings with people sitting still, she said she took her questions for direction and about the new environment to the Lord in prayer.

Through her time in the prayer room worshiping, reading the Bible, and praying, Grace said she received encouragement, direction, and many answers to her questions about her future and the type of worship she experienced in the prayer room, as she pored over the Bible.

“I love the prayer room,” she said. “First I was blind, now I can see.”

The worship and intercession in the prayer room has impacted those outside of Kansas City via the online webstream.

“I have always loved IHOPKC, how you minister to God and pray blessing over His people, but I was never personally involved until about eighteen months ago,” said Daniel from Alabama. “I had been away from the Lord for several years, living a life of bars, partying, and deep sin. But the Lord drew me back and gave me His grace to walk away from all that junk and to live in freedom and walk in His righteousness, to stay faithful in a restored relationship with Him.”

Daniel realized he wanted to ask Jesus to cleanse his home of all the worldly things that had taken place there. He decided to play the IHOPKC live webstream in his house day and night.

“I knew from Scripture that God inhabits the praises of his people, and I wanted to let Jesus know that He was welcome in my home,” Daniel said. “It was a way of inviting His presence to come [into my home].”

Within a couple of weeks, Daniel noticed a difference.

“About a week or two later, I walked into the house after work and noticed such a great presence of the Holy Spirit; I could strongly feel His joy. It was so lovely and filled my heart with great joy. Since then, I really feel that my home is under the leadership of Jesus, and that it is filled with His light and His victory.

“Thank you all at IHOPKC for the way you serve our Lord Jesus with your gifts and talents and hearts of love for Him in the 24/7 prayer room. It has made such a difference in my life.”

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